Boruto Manga Chapter 8

Boruto Manga Chapter 8 Colored    

Boruto Chapter 8 – You’ll Need to Do It

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Momoshiki turned his full attention to Golden while the others watched. Unleash the great power and cut down the sacred tree. She quickly jumped up and kicked Darui until he hit a sacred tree branch. He chased Gaara, who blocked his blow with sand, but Momoshiki's hair was around him, he tied Gaara's legs, waist and neck, and threw him to the ground, pinning his back with his knees. He falls next to Chojuro and Kurotsuchi, and Momoshiki kicks Chojuro from behind. Kurotsuchi tried to hit him, but he blocked it and punched him in the chest with his fist, knocking him out as well. Naruto and Sasuke walked towards him and Boruto watched from a distance as he easily killed the Kage. Naruto and Sasuke noticed how much he had changed and Naruto called him a demon; This greatly amused Momoshi, who thought Naruto was a demon. Momoshiki and Naruto clashed, and Momoshiki smartly kicked Naruto. He flew towards Naruto and attacked again, but Naruto dodged him and blocked another attack when he entered the Sage Mode of the Six Paths and hit Momoshi himself, who flew away. Sasuke punched Momoshiki into the sacred tree. Momoshiki used this to create tree dragons; Sasuke killed some of them before catching them. When Kuro was fully revealed, Sasuke was decapitated by Naruto. Momoshiki gathered around him and created a large golem around him to attack him. He managed to grab Kurama's neck, but Sasuke intervened and armed Kurama with a Susano'o, allowing Naruto to destroy one of the puppet's arms. They struck the golem with the Susano'o sword and Momoshiki fell to the ground. Naruto and Sasuke interrupt Kurama and Susanoo. Boruto looked up in fear. Darui asked if it was over, but Naruto denied it. Kurotsuchi instructs them to use good coordination techniques, but Chojuro and Gaara point out that this would put them back where they started. Naruto saw Katasuke and his photographer in the distance. Ignoring Naruto's warning, Katasuke fired several jutsu with his small hands; Momoshiki sucked it quickly, waking him up. Momoshiki used the Nara Clan's Shadow Jutsu to capture the five Kage and Sasuke, adding Naruto along with the Black catcher. Boruto remembers Sasuke and tells him that if the worst happens and they can't fight, Boruto has to fight. Boruto begins forming his Rasengan as Momoshiki prepares to attack Kage and Sasuke's jutsu.

 "The pearly nightmare told me my fate," Boruto said, struggling against the possibility of impressing his stunned sister Himawari. Boruto has just woken up from a dream when a mysterious body (who viewers may identify as Toneri) tells him that he is the only hope against the impending disaster. He had thought about his next move the night before, and this dream had given him the confidence to confront his family about his mysterious eyes.

My first reaction to these circumstances was helpful. It looks like we'll finally see what's wrong with Boruto's eyes, and Toneri's reaction will give some clues as to what's going on. Boruto believes he has raised the Byakugan (whose mother, Hinata, can be assumed to be the princess of the Hyuga clan), but his eyes resemble Toneri's Tenseigan. Whatever the answer is, I'm happy to know we'll find out soon, and I admire the author's decision to throw us all into the loop by introducing characters outside of the Traditional Naruto canon.

In addition to some of the fun of the episode, there is also some ongoing meta commentary on the idea of ​​the hero. The episode begins with Naruto and his friends watching the video about "Evil Jammer", the heroic ninja who saves a group of children and teaches them that actions speak louder than words. After the movie ends, Boruto interrupts his friends, who express admiringly that the movie is not real and that movies that look like ninjas (like his father, Naruto) are not secrets.

However, when Temari told him that he was the "Star of Hope", Boruto quickly put on his own superhero face and began dancing around the house thinking. Speak out loud about its importance. As we watch him get confused, his family ignores the director's instructions. The protagonist's suggestion fits well with the "Death of the Ninja" theme of the series, telling us that young ninjas should look at fictional movies because they don't believe anything in front of them.

Like the first movie, Apocalypse raises questions but does not waste time before solving them. So it wasn't very good, but it set the stage for some big events. The biggest success of this episode is that it appealed to the fans and showed us their desire to return to the normal Naruto character. The writers of the series prove once again that they know how to entertain the audience, encourage Toneri and laugh at new jutsu. I hope this new episode gives us some answers and not just another ending.