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Boruto Manga Chapter 9 Summary

Boruto threw the Rasengan at Momoshiki; which surprised Naruto. Momoshiki saw the attack coming and prepared to absorb it. The Rasengan disappeared before it could reach Momoshi, who laughed at the weakness of the attack. However, the attack combined to destroy Momoshiki's will and free the others from his control. Boruto joins his father, and in the scene where he learned the Rasengan, Sasuke explains how he took Boruto as his servant and how Boruto changed the Rasengan. Sasuke was glad it had paid off, even though it was an unpredictable gamble. Momoshi eats more chakra food and prepares for another major disaster. Naruto asked Boruto to rebuild his Rasengan. Boruto did this and Naruto added his chakra to the jutsu, making him gigantic. Momoshiki created his own massive ninjutsu. Sasuke took responsibility and told them there was only one. Sasuke dodged one of Momoshiki's attacks and threw his sword at him. Momoshi dodged the sword and Sasuke replaced it, but Mooshiki kicked him, revealing his trick. Sasuke's sword turned out to be Boruto in disguise, and he managed to get close to Momoshi and stab the Rinnegan into his right palm, grabbing his throat. The real Boruto reaches Momoshiki with a giant Rasengan, the Rasengan in Momoshiki's hand is a clone with a scattered shadow. Momoshi and Boruto's jutsu clashed; Boruto's jutsu crushed Momoshiki, breaking him and damaging Boruto's left arm. The other Kage was happy with Boruto. Sasuke remembers his previous words about Boruto and now believes Boruto is similar to Naruto.

 Another week, another finale to Boruto's main theme. Just when it looks like we'll finally get an answer about Boruto's dojutsu, or demon, the story finds another way to fight. It's hard to complain about the lack of drama considering we're only nine episodes into the series, but I can't help but think we're being laughed at at this point. Wrong or not, this episode quickly picked up on last week's story and delivered two battle scenes as a balm for another bad episode. Still determined to prove that his Byakugan is real, Boruto agrees to duel his aunt Hanabi. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't use his power. That night, he leaves the Hyuga clan in search of food and meets another ninja, this time an actor playing the heroic ninja Kagemasa. With Sarada's help, Naruto overcomes the enraged player and reaffirms his belief in the power of his eyes.

There are some brief segments during this broadcast that include a conversation between Naruto and Hiashi about Boruto's abilities, but the episode passes so quickly between these cuts that it's hard to think much about it. It is an intervention. The same goes for the battle with Hanabi, who makes practical use of Boruto's shadow clones, but ultimately interrupts Boruto's jutsu ambitions in an unpleasant way. The plot developed quickly and I had a hard time figuring out what to make of this strange conclusion.

Contemplating what it means to be a hero also returns to last week, with Boruto and Sarada cast as shadows of their fame. He is fat and lazy. Boruto accuses him of not following his instructions and gives him a severe beating as punishment. Like the other stories in the episode, the ending of this episode seems weaker than the previous episodes, although the fight looks good, it reminds of Naruto and Sasuke's fight with Zabuza in the first series (episode 9 again!). Fortunately, identifying Kagemasa's flaws caused Boruto to give up on "cool" heroics, but he later finds himself back where he started, still searching for ways to prove himself to his father.

Also, Boruto gains strength for one week, but starts blowing his tires the next week. I'd like to speculate about the series since we're still less than ten episodes in, but considering the original series has already aired on Waveland at this point, I can't help but wonder if Boruto seems to have been pushed into Delay. . . They have small feet. I plan to watch the first one, but sometimes I wonder how much of my love for the original series carries over to this new series.
I love how Boruto thinks about cleanliness and how upset he looks when he has a hole in his shirt; this is reminiscent of one of his first bad habits seen in the Boruto movies. I love learning more about what Boruto is like before the movie comes out. I also like seeing Naruto acting like a father and being more mature than we're used to. It's a nice twist for his character, plus Naruto always makes scenes better (but I guess that's the fandom I'm talking to).

I just realized I didn't talk about the other half of the episode. This is probably because it's easy to forget that only Sarada can help stupid Boruto.

I should no longer try to predict whether the series will finally achieve its goal and continue to air good episodes. Next week is the last episode and I told myself that if the show doesn't start off really well, I'll watch it. Let's see if I will continue watching these videos.