Boruto Manga Chapter 7

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Boruto Chapter 7 – Collision!!

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Boruto Manga Chapter 7 Summary

In the barren wasteland with the God Tree, Momoshiki drains Kurama's chakra from Naruto, complaining about how much there is and how long it takes. Naruto assures him that they won't go easy since they are shinobi. The branch Naruto is tied to is cut, Momoshiki and Kinshiki notice the arrival of Chōjūrō and Darui, both with their swords drawn. Momoshiki assumes that Sasuke brought them with his Rinnegan. Boruto cuts the remaining branches holding Naruto. Sasuke breaks Naruto's fall. Gaara and Kurotsuchi join the group. Naruto wakes up and notices that Boruto is wearing old clothes. Sasuke tells Naruto Boruto that he has become a shinobi and goes into battle. Naruto tells Boruto how much he looks like him in that outfit. Naruto apologizes for the state of their relationship. Boruto tells him to tell him stories from his past. Sasuke fights Kinshiki. Chōjūrō interferes with Kinshiki's attack, noting that he is fast for his size. Kinshiki targets Chōjūrō and performs one attack. He tells Chōjūrō that he left himself open, but Chōjūrō tells him that he did the same. Kurotsuchi appears from the ground and lands a powerful punch on Kinshiki, sending him flying. As Kinshiki calms down, Sasuke lands Chidori from behind with his sword, sending him to the ground. There, Kinshiki is pinned down by shards from Chōjūrō and ash from Kurotsuchi. Gaara creates sand platforms to give Darui solid ground as he pursues Momoshiki, who blocks his sword with black headphones. Naruto prepares to join the fight, but Boruto warns him that ninjutsu won't work against Momoshiki. Momoshiki is cornered by Sasuke, who has deduced how his absorption ninjutsu works and compares it to Kote. Momoshiki notices that Kinshiki has been immobilized. He turns his attention to Naruto and Boruto, looking at them with his Byakugan and realizing something about their fate. He points out that even though Naruto has all this power, he can't pass it on to Boruto, much to their confusion. Momoshiki offers to demonstrate how power is passed down in his clan, turning Kinshiki into edible chakra and consuming it. Sasuke tried to attack him but to no avail. Momoshiki shows the third Rinnegan on his forehead and begins to change, promising Naruto that he is next.

 After last week's exciting events, Boruto returns to its usual routine with another episode featuring some new characters and an important message that puts a slight twist on the theme. This week's stars are Cho-Cho, Sumire, and Potato Potato, all wrapped up in a love story that's both sweet and sometimes scary. The result is a special episode with great moments that show us a new side of the Boruto cast.

Sarada, Cho-Cho and Sumire realize they have a stalker. He managed to avoid using them secretly the first time, but was eventually caught and attacked by Akimachi. Stalker Magill was embarrassed when he fell in love with Sumire and soon forgot about the ghost and went out to capture Sumire. This romance is new territory for Boruto; Magill admits that his love for Sumire was more romantic (and denied more) than she deserved.

Of course, the sweetness doesn't last long, and the sudden change in tone gives the strongest effect to the repetition. Magill's spooky writing, graffiti, and disturbing dialogue make the episode feel more like a horror movie than a comedy. Sumire's gradual separation from her friends builds tension, but in the most dramatic scenes Magill's voice does most of the work (all the lines that will also leave you wondering where the teachers are when the students are arguing). Unfortunately, the horror story soon ends, leading to a scene where the heroes dodge the last kunai until Cho-Cho steps in to explain how the potatoes are made. Chips solve Magire's problem.

Ah, potato chips! Qiuqiu spent most of the episode thinking that potato chips were like dates. There are many different flavors and you should be willing to try different types to find the one that suits you. The entire plot of the episode revolves around this idea; Various events are used until we reach the ending where Cho-Cho gives Magire a delicious potato and he changes his mind about secretly following Sumire (no, really). I admire writers who try to create a unique metaphor for their love, and while I wouldn't say it's a good metaphor, it's very exciting for a series like Boruto Silly and fills a temporary need. Beautiful

I never thought Boruto would try romance in its final episode, but they prove they can pull it off with the right amount of awkwardness (and squirming). Qiuqiu finally got some recognition and got the chance to share his deep thoughts on potato chips with us, whether we like it or not.

This week's episode of Boruto is sweet and scary, revealing a romance we never expected. Seeing the future gives us a new perspective on potato chips. The constant metaphor of love and potato chips in "Cho-Cho" is not dirty, it suddenly turns into horror, helping to overcome the weak points of the romantic story and taking the time to defeat it. Warcraft has eluded our heroes for another week, but I admire the writers for trying something unconventional in the final episode.

 This time the project consists mostly of student class. We don't see many adults interacting. It's great to see how the next generation can be so successful. This episode focuses on the girls Diedie, Sumire and Sarada. I really like Cao Cao. He is brave and attractive. The love of food is not dirty. When we follow the girls, we see that someone is following them. Apparently they have some special jutsu that makes them invisible.

I think Bridge wants to follow. While she seems confident, I hear she has body insecurities like most girls her age. I like that they make him happy though. Having pictures like her is a big confidence boost for other girls. I laughed hysterically when he finally cornered his pursuer and hit him with the vending machine. Haha

Magil's behavior is so embarrassing. She puts on the face of an insecure boy who is in love with Sumire, a girl he thinks is not right for him. Qiuqiu always acted like she knew she was cute. I felt sorry for Magill when Sumire rejected him, but Magill didn't know him and he was looking for her. Very happy. Haha, Magill being afraid of rejection wasn't something I expected, but maybe I should have seen it coming. I like the way Boruto and the boys look, they are completely confused by Magill's behavior around the girls because they haven't heard about them. It was nice to see Boruto interacting with his friends on a regular basis; This was something Naruto had never had at that age. This really shows how much Konoha Village has grown and how socially diverse it is.

The situation quickly escalated at school and Magill continued his behavior on another level. I thought Magill would fall into melancholy, but instead he looked like a monkey. Wow. When Haha kidnapped Sumire, Boruto and the others saw her without hesitation. These little ninjas can solve problems better than their parents. I love how they show this difference beyond any doubt. This seems to be true, the success of young people surprises adults.

Honestly, I'm surprised that Magill looks like a shadow body like Shino and the other ninjas. This has been covered in previous sections. We still don't know where these shadows come from. When Cho Cho convinced Magire to come out of the shadows, my husband changed his mind, saying it was a sequel to the Persona games. Ha ha. Definitely not in a derogatory way. Interestingly, it is the same concept.