Boruto Manga Chapter 68

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Boruto Manga Chapter 68 Summary

 Chapter 68 of the Boruto manga titled 'Scar' had a lot of unexpected events. Considering how the chapter ended, the next installment is going to be amazing!

After the battle that happened in Boruto manga issue 67, I thought that 'Scar' would offer our heroes some rest. I really thought this month's chapter would serve as a lull before ramping up the action in the upcoming installments. But I was wrong. Many things have happened and I think we should prepare for an all-out battle!

"Scar" opened with Boruto telling Amado, Sai, and Katasuke about how Momoshiki was resurrected. While the last chapter was enjoyable, I have to say that the opening panels felt like filler. A lot of sites gave us information we already knew. We know that Momoshiki can't be resurrected anymore. We know that Boruto seems to have more control over the Karma brand and is better suited to stop Momoshiki from taking over his body. That's why that particular conversation between the characters felt like a waste of manga panels.

As Boruto talks to Amado, Sai and Katasuke, we cut to Shikamaru, Naruto, Sumire and Ibiki looking at the unconscious Kawaki. It turned out that he had used up a lot of chakra and was still unconscious. At least his body was healing itself thanks to the nanobots in his bloodstream.

Shikamaru was understandably concerned about how to handle Kawaki when he woke up. The Hidden Leaf Village was not strong enough to hold back Kawaki's forces. Kawaki said he wouldn't cause any trouble as long as Naruto was safe, but what did he really mean? Kawaki did not hesitate to kill Boruto in front of Naruto and Shikamaru. And news of Kawaki's Karma Mark and his attitude will also soon reach the other Kage.

I'm definitely looking forward to the politics involved in Kawaki's presence in Konoha. Naruto said he would have a serious talk with Kawaki when he regained consciousness. By nature, Naruto would be against anyone being killed by Kawaki just because they posed a threat to Naruto. Fans know that Naruto is more of a Talk No-Jutsu type. He wants to solve the problems peacefully. Such an attitude directly contradicted Kawaki's motives for murdering anyone who looked at Naruto the wrong way.

"Scar" also made Boruto talk to Salado and Mitsuki about what happened. Of course his two friends were worried about him. Boruto was now a walking target for Code, who could emerge at any moment, kidnap Boruto and feed him to the Ten-Tails.

The thing I didn't like about Boruto's interaction with Lettuce and Mitsuki was Boruto obeying Shikamar's orders not to tell them that Kawaki killed him. I don't know about you, but I don't think Boruto should be hiding anything from his friends who also happen to be his teammates. I liked how Mitsuki looked suspicious of Boruto's lie about the Code killing him.

Speaking of secrets, Sasuke returned to Konoha and Shikamaru revealed a lot about Code's hideout. Sasuke even knew about Code's associate named Bug and where the hideout was. Gentlemen. He was busy!

As for the Code, Eida, and Daemon (still present inside the hideout), I loved how Eida didn't mince words when it came to her thoughts on the Code. As far as she was concerned, the Code was the tool she needed to use to get to Kawaki. If he failed to achieve results or served as a hindrance in any way, she and Daemon would not hesitate to dispose of him. Unlike how Akatsuki functioned during the Naruto era, Code, Daemon and Eida were not an actual team. Such a dynamic can be used to introduce interesting plot developments for good and evil.

Eida is not a fan of Code's impatience and grandiosity. He really pissed her off during the previous battle and almost killed himself. He even decided to act rashly when Shikamaru went to confront Amado in "Scar", much to Eida's chagrin.

I think the whole fandom knew that Code tagged Shikamaru, Kawaki or Boruto after the last battle. That's why the revelation that it was Shikamaru who had the Claw Mark on his neck wasn't such a surprise. However, what came as a surprise was Shikamaru revealing that he knew about the Claw Mark and that he was actually counting on using it to lure out the Code during Shikamaru's conversation with Amado.

According to Shikamaru's plan, he knew that the Code could not resist teleporting to Konoha if Shikamaru went to meet Amad without any guards. The code fell right into Shikamaru's trap and had to run into the reprogrammed Delta. Kudos to fans who believed the mysterious cyborg Amado was working to protect Konoha was Delta.

However, Shikamar's plan hit a bit of a rough patch when Code decided to teleport Eida from one of his Claw Marks. I loved the look of horror on Amad's face when he looked at Eida. I hope the upcoming chapter gave us more information about Eida's story. She clearly hated Amado for turning her into a cyborg.

At this point, I don't know how the upcoming fight will go. Delta said she couldn't use her destructive eye beams because they would damage the village. Naruto and Sasuke couldn't go out either. I guess our heroes have to try to fight outside the village, right? I think it could be done if they took Amado away and forced Code and Eido to follow them.

However, Eida has the ability to make anyone who was not Otsutsuki fall in love with her and do her bidding. Can Naruto and Sasuke face such abilities? I don't know. My mind tries to come up with possible battle strategies and that's one of the things I love about the Naruto/Boruto series.

The chapter begins with a flashback to several months earlier, where Isshiki Otsutsuki is seen planting the Karma seal on Jigen, therefore beginning his plan to resurrect himself in Jigen's frame. Meanwhile, in the present, Naruto and Sasuke continue their fierce warfare against Isshiki. With their combined electricity, they manage to temporarily push him again, but Isshiki reveals that he has no goal of combating them head-on. Instead, he makes use of his Ōtsutsuki powers to decrease himself to a microscopic size, making it almost impossible for Naruto and Sasuke to hit upon him.

As they search for Isshiki, Boruto and Kawaki arrive on the battlefield, bringing with them a new weapon advanced by way of Katasuke - a containment tool that could seal away Ōtsutsuki powers. However, before they could use it, Isshiki reappears and effortlessly overpowers them, revealing that he have been hiding inner Kawaki's body. He threatens to apply their cherished ones as hostages with a purpose to lead them to post to him and satisfy his plan.

Meanwhile, as Shikamaru coordinates a plan to evacuate the residents of Konoha, Boruto and Kawaki are transported to any other size by way of Isshiki. There, Isshiki attempts to decorate his Karma seal on Kawaki, but Naruto intervenes and takes the total force of the enhancement, leaving him on the verge of loss of life. In a desperate attempt to save his father, Boruto unleashes the true energy of his Jougan and manages to reverse the seal, moving it from Naruto to himself.

With the Karma seal now on his own frame, Boruto's look modifications and he profits a heightened level of energy. He challenges Isshiki, who's inspired by way of Boruto's development and accepts his provide to combat one-on-one. As they conflict, it will become apparent that Boruto's new powers are on par with Isshiki's, tons to each person's surprise.

In the midst of the war, Isshiki well-knownshows his true goal - to resurrect the Ten-Tails and create a new Divine Tree, which will grant him immortality and the electricity to rule over all of the dimensions. However, Boruto and Kawaki refuse to allow that take place, and with the help of Sasuke and the containment tool, they control to weaken Isshiki and seal him away.

As the dirt settles, Boruto collapses from the pressure of the use of his new powers, but is quickly revived via Sasuke and Naruto's recovery capabilities. Naruto expresses his pride for his son and tells him that, along with his Jougan and the Karma seal, he may be a key participant in the upcoming struggle in opposition to Isshiki's genuine shape.

The chapter ends with a glimpse into the future, where Boruto is visible as a powerful and respected shinobi, however with a dark air of secrecy emanating from his eye - a hint on the challenges and sacrifices he will face so that it will keep the sector from the hazard of the Ōtsutsuki clan.