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Boruto Manga Chapter 69 Summary

 Chapter 69 featured a newly redesigned Delta on the cover, which many readers guessed. The chapter was titled "The Captives", which is very appropriate considering the nature of Eida's powers and her ability to influence people's instincts even against their will. The title further suits the mind games Shikamaru will likely play with Eida to deal with her ability.

Boruto chapter 69 opens with Amado looking shocked to realize that Eida is alive. Eida nonchalantly notes his reaction, dismissing it as inevitable. Shikamaru notices Amao start to shake in terror, which makes him wonder who or what Eida is.

Delta tries to attack her, but Eida's charm prevents her from kicking her, after which she makes a lewd remark about seeing the other's underwear. He tricks Delta into releasing the Code, leaving her confused and Shikamaru scrambling to figure out what Eida's powers are.

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The chapter cuts to a conversation between Sasuke and Boruto, who apologizes for not being there when his charge needed him. Readers glimpse Sasuke's guilt as he still believes that the village doesn't need to hate anyone but him.

The conversation shifted to Kawaki's actions, Sasuke explaining that very few people knew what he had done.

Many disapproved of his presence in Konoha, a sentiment that had yet to be bolstered by the knowledge that he had killed the Hokage's son, regardless of the circumstances. Boruto finds this unfair and admits that Kawaki was the only one he could make such a request to as they considered themselves brothers.

He suddenly remembers that he still has Sasuke's headband and tries to return it, but his mentor tells him to keep it as a gift, prompting the younger shinobi to excitedly exclaim that he will treasure it for the rest of his life. Sasuke cryptically states that he might be the one who needs to show his resolve.

Sarada wonders aloud what Boruto and Sasuke could be talking about, and Mitsuki hits the nail on the head when she guesses that Sasuke feels guilty for not being there when it mattered.

He further ponders what would have happened if their friend had been killed, and it is clear from his response that he could have killed the assailant.

Sarada admits that despite her shock and relief that their friend is okay, it makes her angry that their teammate seems to think they are unreliable. Mitsuki casually asks if she likes Boruto, which makes Sarada nervous.

She talks about Mitsuki's admiration and how Sasuke forgot he was her father before becoming Boruto's mentor. They both concluded that they needed to strengthen and strengthen their resolve if they wanted to be reliable enough against villains on Otsutsuki's level.

Chapter 69 cuts back to Kawaki who jolts awake to see Naruto sitting in front of him. The Seventh Hokage welcomes him. He notes that it reminds him of their first meeting.

But Kawaki doesn't beat around the bush and ask Naruto if he will judge him for killing his son. Naruto assures Kawaki that Boruto's karma saved him and that he is fine, leaving Kawaki in shock.

Naruto goes on to tell Kawaki that without him either Code or Momoshiki would have killed them all and that he is grateful. He keeps trying to get Kawaki to relax by saying that Boruto feels the same way and convinces them that what Kawaki had to do was painful.

Naruto adds that Kawaki belongs to Konoha and is his family, but before he can say more, Ino telepathically contacts him and alerts him to the intruders in Amado's lab.

Sasuke, also alerted by Ino, rushes to the lab with Boruto in tow. Naruto pretends to remember some work before rushing off, knowing that Kawaki will follow him in case the Hokage is in danger. But his sudden departure doesn't help as Kawaki activates his dojutsu as he sits on the bed.

The narrative in Boruto chapter 69 comes full circle when Eida realizes that Shikamaru can use his Shadow Possession jutsu on her even though she is under its influence because the jutsu does not directly harm her. Shikamaru asked Ino to telepathically link him to Amad so that they could communicate without Eida realizing it.

Amado explains the nature of her powers and admits that even he is not immune to her charms. He explained that the symptoms of enchantment appear to the Delta to be infatuation, but the symptoms vary from person to person.

 Let’s dive into Boruto manga, Chapter 69. This chapter choices up right in which the previous one left off, with Boruto and Kawaki facing off towards Code, the mysterious Kara member who has been wreaking havoc on the village. The stakes are better than ever as Code well-knownshows his plan to attain the Ten-Tails, the effective beast that was created whilst Kaguya Otsutsuki merged with the God Tree. It's clean that Code will forestall at nothing to reap his aim, although it method destroying the whole lot and anyone in his way.

However, Boruto and Kawaki refuse to back off, using their newfound abilities to position up an excellent combat. As the warfare rages on, we examine more about Code's beyond and his motivations for seeking the Ten-Tails. It seems that Code turned into once a take a look at concern in Kara's experiments to create a perfect vessel for the Ten-Tails. However, due to his unyielding will and sturdy bodily competencies, he handed all expectations and became a threat to the agency. This recognition led to him being labeled as a 'defective' and eventually cast out of Kara.

But Code is not the same as he once was. He has been infused with the electricity of the Divine Tree, making him an excellent greater bold opponent. With his new energy, he easily overwhelms Boruto and Kawaki, leaving them suffering to hold up. However, just when it seems like all wish is lost, a surprising best friend arrives to show the tide of the battle.

Sasuke, who had been investigating the mysterious disappearance of chakra round the world, subsequently makes his way to the battlefield. With his Sharingan and Rinnegan skills, he puts up an outstanding fight in opposition to Code, demonstrating his amazing ability and revel in as a ninja. It's thrilling to peer him team up with Boruto and Kawaki, showcasing their increase and teamwork.

But despite their combined efforts, Code appears to have the higher hand. He manages to knock out Boruto and Kawaki, leaving them susceptible and defenseless. However, simply while it looks as if he has gained, Sasuke unleashes his closing method, the Bansho Tenin. This powerful gravity manipulation jutsu no longer best saves Boruto and Kawaki, however it additionally manages to pull Code in the direction of them, leading us into what promises to be an epic warfare.

As we eagerly look forward to the subsequent bankruptcy, it's clean that the stakes had been raised to an entire new degree. With powerful adversaries like Code on the unfastened, the ninja international is facing its largest risk but. And with the addition of Sasuke to the combination, we can assume an epic and exciting showdown in the upcoming chapters. Will our heroes be capable of defeat Code and forestall his plans to reap the Ten-Tails? Only time will tell, however one aspect is for sure, the Boruto manga simply keeps getting better and higher. With extreme motion, intriguing plot twists, and well-developed characters, it is no wonder the series has gained this sort of devoted fanbase. Chapter sixty nine is simply the beginning of an exciting new arc, and we cannot wait to peer what is in shop for Boruto and his friends.