Boruto Manga Chapter 67

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Boruto Manga Chapter 67 Summary

 Naruto looks shocked at what happened to Boruto and runs to his son's seemingly unresponsive body. Meanwhile, Code is also taken aback as he didn't expect Kawaki to regain his karma, let alone be willing to kill Boruto, a possible sacrifice for the Divine Tree. Code decides to retreat and free Shikamaru, but just as he is about to teleport through his Claw Mark, suddenly his claw marks are reduced by Kawaki's Sukunahikona, rendering them useless. Kawaki then tells the Code that he will eliminate anyone who threatens the Seventh Hokage's life, adding that if he can kill even Boruto, whom he considers a brother, there is little chance that the Code will let him escape.

Shikamaru approaches the devastated Naruto and tries to wake up Boruto. He tells Naruto to pull himself together and that even though he knows Naruto is suffering, the battle is far from over. However, the Hokage is still in shock and asks if he is in a dream? Shikamaru suddenly interrupts the code and Kawaki's fight on the other side. He tells Naruto that Kawaki has the upper hand in the codex and that if he escapes it will be problematic.

Kawaki wins and tells Koda that even though he didn't know the motives of the person who wants to meet him, he will get the same treatment if he wants to hurt Naruto. Kawaki then proceeds to finish off his opponent, but is suddenly blown away and passed out. It is revealed that Code used his claw marks to teleport Daemon to the battlefield to use his reflect ability. She sends him back to Eida as she no longer needs his presence. Just before he retreats as well, Code admits that Kawaki was stronger and if the battle continued, he would lose.

Shikamaru tells Naruto that he needs to consider what to do with Kawaki because judging by how he killed a comrade without a single thought, he will do anything to achieve his goal. Naruto asks if he is proposing to expel Kawaki from Konohagakure, but Shikamaru replies that other villages are being considered and that he has no plans to give up his duties. He adds that this is why he has to think about what to do, and that Kawaki killing Boruto will have a strong impact on the rest of the village. Naruto replies that he is practically part of his family and that if they aren't there to stand up for him, none of them will. while they are arguing, Boruto suddenly wakes up and asks who was killed. Naruto, shocked to see his son alive, hugs him. Shikamaru on the other hand notices that not only is he somehow alive, but the hole he had in his chest is completely healed. As Boruto tries to figure out what happened, Momoshiki's ghost appears in front of him. He tells Boruto that in addition to being his ship, he also serves as an anchor to the world of the living, and that if he dies; Momoshiki will not be able to reincarnate. He is shown to have healed Boruto's wounds when Kawaki was fighting the Code. He adds that even though about eighty-two percent of the karma had already been extracted, he had to use the remaining eighteen to regenerate the tissue that Boruto had lost, which now made it impossible for him to resurrect him. Boruto tells him that he is glad that his determination to die was able to prevent his plan and that it is a win in his eyes. Annoyed at his cocky personality, Momoshiki tells him that he shouldn't get so excited and that the data in the karma, whether overwritten or not, originally started as Ohtsutsuki, meaning that it is now purely complete and a matter of time. before Code realized it.

Boruto mentions to momoshiki that he once said that his blue eyes would eventually take everything from him and asks if he meant his death. Momoshiki laughs at Boruto and says it was nothing. He adds that even he can't predict what will happen, but warns him that it's coming and it's going to be quite a spectacle. After Code successfully escapes to his place, Eida asks him how he could get into Amado, that he was protected in the middle of Konoha. Code asked as he had already taken some measurements. He was as serious as if Shikamaru had implanted a claw in him.

 In the latest bankruptcy of the Boruto manga, Chapter 67, readers are taken on an severe and movement-packed journey because the fight against the rogue Otsutsuki, Isshiki, reaches its climax. The stakes are higher than ever as Isshiki's plan to revive himself in Boruto's body draws toward completion and the fate of the Shinobi world hangs within the stability.

The bankruptcy opens with Boruto, Sasuke, and Kawaki dealing with off in opposition to Isshiki, who has now transformed right into a towering and enormous form. Despite their great efforts, the trio is not any fit for Isshiki's overwhelming energy and they're quick overpowered. As the conflict rages on, we see Boruto's inner warfare as he tries to suppress the affect of the Karma mark and his developing fear of turning into a vessel for Isshiki. This provides a deeper layer to the already nerve-racking scenario and highlights the complexity of Boruto's individual.

Meanwhile, Naruto and Kurama are engaged in their personal warfare in opposition to Isshiki's electricity whilst seeking to guard the villagers of Konoha. This indicates the unwavering determination of the Hokage to protect his people, even inside the face of this sort of ambitious enemy. However, as Isshiki keeps to advantage the top hand, it turns into clean that even Naruto's energy might not be enough to defeat him.

In a moment of desperation, Sasuke unleashes his most effective attack, the usage of all of his chakra in one swoop. This proves to be a fatal mistake as Isshiki takes gain of Sasuke's weakened nation and lands a devastating blow, impaling Sasuke's chest with a large spike. The shock and disappointment on Boruto's face as he watches his mentor fall adds a coronary heart-wrenching second to the chapter.

Just whilst all seems lost, Kawaki steps up to the plate and we see the true quantity of his man or woman growth. He bravely stands up to Isshiki, determined to defend his newfound own family and displaying his loyalty to Naruto. The warfare takes a dramatic turn as Kawaki unleashes a effective jutsu that even surprises Isshiki. The intense and specific combat scenes on this bankruptcy are a testomony to the brilliant art work and storytelling of the manga.

As the conflict keeps, Boruto is compelled to make a tough selection. In order to keep his friends and family, he must willingly hand over his frame to Isshiki. This second showcases Boruto's selflessness and willingness to sacrifice himself for the greater true, a trait that runs in his own family as the son of the Hokage.

In the very last moments of the bankruptcy, we're left with a cliffhanger as Isshiki takes over Boruto's frame and proclaims that he'll now absolutely revive himself. The outcomes of this decision are yet to be visible, but it is clear that the street to victory will no longer be an smooth one for our brave heroes.

Overall, Chapter 67 of the Boruto manga was a exciting and emotional rollercoaster. It supplied severe action and extremely good person improvement, preserving readers on the threshold in their seats till the very last page. With the fate of our cherished characters and the entire Shinobi international in the stability, the subsequent bankruptcy is sure to be a must-read. Fans can not wait to see how this epic struggle will conclude and what lies in advance for Boruto and his buddies.