Boruto Manga Chapter 66

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 Chapter 66 showed that Kawaki doesn't even pay attention to Naruto as he constantly relentlessly attacks Borushiki. As Naruto tried to rush to him, he casually reminded Naruto that the Code was holding Shikamaru hostage, adding that he didn't really care if Shikamaru died.

Naruto, taken aback by Kawaki's cold words, asked how far he planned to go, and Kawaki simply said that he would do whatever it took for Naruto. At first glance it might seem that he meant that he would do anything to keep Naruto safe. But his phrase could also mean that Kawaki would do what needed to be done on Naruto's behalf.

Despite his promise to the second Kage, most fans were of the opinion that Naruto would not be able to kill his own son, a sentiment that Sasuke also echoed in both the manga and anime.

Kawaki kept attacking Borushiki with intent to kill, and as he mostly stuck to his rasengan, he was slowly forced into a defensive stance. Boruto regaining consciousness caused Momoshiki to be momentarily distracted, which was just what Kawaki needed to pin him with chakra rods and attempt to crush him with a giant cube.

When Naruto saved him, it was all the more proof that he wouldn't be able to kill his own son, which Kawaki pointed out when Naruto spoke to him harshly.

Boruto himself seemed to agree with Kawaki, but pushed Naruto away. He admitted that Amado's medicine was only a temporary cure to control Momoshiki's powers, but it wasn't a cure, and ended up nearly killing his own father.

Kawaki asked if Boruti remembered Kawaki's promise to do something about his karma, and the younger Uzumaki agreed that they had no choice but to go forward with their last option.

Boruto greeted his parents and sister and asked Kawaki as his brother to kill him while he was still suppressing Momoshiki. He stopped the begging Naruto from getting in his way by using Wind Style: Gale Palm.

Kawaki asked if he was ready and proceeded to impale him completely with his transformed arm. The chapter ended with Boruto motionless with a gaping hole in his chest.

 Chapter 66 will have some serious ramifications for the manga's story. Although Boruto appears to have been mortally wounded, it is unlikely that a main character would be killed so early in the series.

However, characters "dying" and coming back to life are not that uncommon even in shonen anime. There is a distinct possibility that either the younger Uzumaki will be taken to Sakura, who will use healing ninjutsu to save him, or Momoshiki will use his own jutsu to save his vessel.

Kawaki's actions in this chapter would also mark him as an adversary or accomplice to Amado, who would be branded a traitor to Konoha.

There is a distinct possibility that Kawaki would become a villain. He would either choose to go with Code, saving Shikamaru's life, or antagonize Code, who would leave as Ada advised him. The latter seems likely since Kawaki is much stronger than the Code in its current form.

 In Boruto Manga Chapter 66, we in the end get to look the aftermath of the acute warfare between Naruto and Delta. The bankruptcy starts off with a worried Kawaki looking over the injured Naruto, who we examine has completely depleted his big reserves of chakra. This leaves him in a weakened country and unable to even perform easy jutsu. This is a stunning turn of events, as we have constantly seen Naruto as the unbeatable Hokage who can cope with any state of affairs. It adds a layer of vulnerability to his character and shows that even the strongest ninja can be added down.

As the team rushes to get Naruto lower back to the Hidden Leaf Village for clinical treatment, we see a heartwarming moment between Boruto and his father. Despite the chaos and destruction that has simply passed off, Boruto is relieved to peer his father alive and thank you him for protecting them. This second highlights the robust bond between father and son and indicates that their relationship has matured considering the fact that the start of the series.

Meanwhile, Amado exhibits a few shocking statistics approximately Delta's skills and changes. It turns out that she has been given a special synthetic eye which could absorb and mirror any ninjutsu. This explains how she turned into able to counter Naruto's assaults or even create her personal Rasengan. This revelation in addition emphasizes the dangers of the Kara agency and their advanced era. It additionally increases questions on the alternative individuals and what form of abilities they may own.

Back within the Hidden Leaf Village, we see a demanding assembly between Naruto and the elders of the village. They are worried approximately the threat of Kara and urge Naruto to take instant movement. However, Naruto, who's nonetheless getting better, would not need to leap to conclusions and insists on collecting more data before creating a circulate. This suggests his wise and level-headed management, as he would not need to hazard inflicting useless warfare.

But before any decisions may be made, we're brought to a new character, Code. He is a member of Kara and appears to be next in line to take over after Delta's defeat. His look is ominous and his intentions are nonetheless doubtful, but one element is certain - he's a powerful adversary. This sets the level for a fair bigger and more excessive war inside the future.

Overall, Boruto Manga Chapter 66 does not disappoint with its severe motion, emotional moments, and unexpected revelations. It sets the degree for the following arc of the tale, which promises to be even greater thrilling and perilous. As we see our beloved characters face increasingly tough challenges, it is clean that the stakes are better than ever. Fans are left eagerly awaiting the next bankruptcy to look how the story will spread.