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Boruto Chapter 65 – Karma Power



 Chapter 65 of the Boruto manga, 'The Power of Karma', showed Code experiencing the raw power of the Karma Brand. And he didn't like it.

With the previous manga chapter showing Naruto and Shikarama running towards the battlefield, I thought 'Karma Power' would give us Sage Mode Naruto vs Code, with the current Hokage trying to defeat Code before Boruto succumbs to intense chest pain. However, this did not happen. Instead, 'Karama Power' showed Momoshiki deciding to take over Boruto's body to teach the Code a lesson.

I think the entire fandom knew that the pills Amado gave Boruto wouldn't completely stop the Otsutsukification process. Sooner or later, Boruto's consciousness had to fight Momoshiki to maintain control. I just didn't expect it to happen so soon. Honestly, I'm a little tired of Momoshiki taking over Boruto's body during every big battle in the manga.

Not only that, but I'm also getting tired of lettuce and Mitsuki not appearing at all. It's been months since we've seen them play a real role in the narrative. Salad and Mitsuki are so far removed from the main story; it's just weird considering they're supposed to be secondary main characters (salad is Boruto's main female character).

Anyway, it turns out that Momoshiki was able to take over Boruto's body even though our young ninja was out of chakra. I think this moment showed that regardless of whether Boruto ran out of chakra or not, Momoshiki had the ability to appear if he felt his life was in danger or if he wanted to complete a certain task. When Boruto decided to confront the Code to stop him from taking Kawaki, Momoshiki took it upon himself to get rid of the Code once and for all.

I loved seeing the huge power gap between BoruShiki and Code. The remaining Inner Kara member could do nothing but try to avoid being hit by the giant Rasengans that were being spammed by BoruShiki. Even Eida told Koda to back off and go see Kawaki some other time.

As for Naruto and Shikamaru finally making it to the battlefield, their involvement was a bit lackluster. When the Code took Shikamaru hostage without any problems, Naruto had no choice but to stay put. He refused to fight Koda and BoruShiki to protect Shikamaru.

Fingers crossed that Naruto actually does something in the upcoming chapter. I want to see how strong his current Sage Mode is now that he's lost Kurama's incredible chakra. Also, is Sasuke coming soon?

I also expected some kind of emotional reaction from Naruto. I would love to see Naruto call out to Boruto, hoping his voice will help his son break free from Momoshiki's control. We also didn't get any internal monologue focused on Naruto's reluctance to fight his son under such dire circumstances, even though he was controlled by the evil Otsutsuki.

The biggest surprise in 'Karama Power' was the revelation that Kawaki somehow managed to tap into the Karma brand powers still present within him. I don't understand how he could achieve such a performance improvement. As far as I remember, Amado was supposed to give him the key (the new name of karma) to unlock the power from having a body that was already 80% Otsutsukified.

Did the current reveal mean that Amado gave Kawaki access to his Karma Mark off-panel? The two talked about finding a way to make Kawaki stronger after defeating Isshiki. Also, if Amado gave Kawaki such off-panel access, could Eida have witnessed such a development? And if she knew, why didn't she warn the Code? I have so many questions.

I think the next chapter will have Sage Mode Naruto vs Code and Kawaki vs BoruShiki.

 Chapter 65 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga maintains the intense struggle between Naruto and Boruto as they face off against Isshiki Otsutsuki. As the chapter starts offevolved, the two are still suffering to discover a way to defeat the powerful enemy who has taken over Jigen's frame.

The chapter kicks off with a flashback to Isshiki's past, giving readers a deeper glimpse into his motivations and character. We study that Isshiki was initially supposed to be the next leader of the Otsutsuki extended family, but changed into deemed unworthy by way of his personal people due to his lack of capacity. This revelation provides a layer of sympathy toward the villain, as he changed into rejected and forged apart with the aid of his very own extended family.

As the warfare rages on, Naruto and Boruto unharness a barrage of assaults, but Isshiki effortlessly dodges and counters with his huge strength and velocity. Surprisingly, Boruto is capable of hold his very own towards the effective enemy, showcasing his increase and development as a ninja.

Meanwhile, Sasuke remains coping with the aftermath of his fight with Isshiki, as he struggles to stay aware and preserve his Sharingan activated. His sacrifice isn't always in vain, but, as he offers essential intel to Naruto and Boruto, revealing Isshiki's weak spot.

With this new records, Naruto and Boruto formulate a plan to seal Isshiki away using the Chibaku Tensei jutsu. This proves to be a hard assignment, as Isshiki is able to counter their every circulate. In a shocking twist, Isshiki famous that he has implanted a karma seal on Kawaki, which means despite the fact that they defeat him, he may be reborn in Kawaki's frame.

Just while it seems all hope is lost, Boruto has a breakthrough and is derived up with a risky plan to apply his personal karma seal to attract out Isshiki's true shape, allowing Naruto to seal him away as soon as and for all. This sacrifice by using Boruto showcases the strong bond and accept as true with he has developed with his father, as he is willing to position himself in chance to defend the village.

The conflict reaches its climax as Isshiki's true shape is discovered and he unleashes a devastating assault, setting Naruto and Boruto in grave threat. However, in a second of natural willpower and teamwork, the 2 manipulate to execute the Chibaku Tensei jutsu and efficiently seal Isshiki away.

As the dust settles, Naruto and Boruto emerge positive, but no longer without outcomes. Both suffer extreme accidents and trauma from the war, similarly highlighting the toll that being a ninja takes at the frame and thoughts. In the very last pages, we see a heart-wrenching second among Naruto and Boruto, as the father-son duo come to phrases with the sacrifices they've made for the sake of the village.

Overall, chapter sixty five of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is a interesting and emotional rollercoaster, showcasing the notable growth of both Naruto and Boruto in addition to their unwavering bond. It additionally units the stage for what's certain to be a fair greater extreme and epic conflict within the destiny as the story keeps to unfold.