Boruto Manga Chapter 64

Boruto Manga Chapter 64 Colored    


 Momoshiki, once again in Boruto's body, confronts Kawaki and Koda. Kawaki laments his reappearance while Code wonders why Momoshiki's consciousness can manifest when Boruto is still just a vessel.

Suddenly, Boruto's left eye opens and his consciousness tells Kawaki to move out of the way, shocking both Kawaki and Koda. Boruto attacks the Code and creates four Shadow Doppelgangers. Code realizes that Boruto has grown stronger when a collision with the karma double causes his leg to sink into the ground. Code slashes at the double and implants a Claw Mark, retreating into the mark to gain a ranged advantage. He then reaches over the same Claw Mark he emerged from to punch through another doppelganger. He starts to lunge at the other doppelgangers, but one grabs his arm and pulls him back through the Claw Mark. Boruto punches Code so hard that it sends him flying, but Code scratches himself on the ground and retreats into another Mark again.

Code asks Eida to explain why Boruto is so strong. He replies that the medicine he is taking from Amado can suppress Momoshiki's control over his body while still giving him Momoshiki's power. Code is surprised at the mention of medicine.

Meanwhile, Naruto tells Ino and the rest of the Sense Ninja looking for Kawaki to look for Boruto instead. Since Kawaki is suppressing his chakra signature, it will be easier to track down Boruto since they are probably in the same place. Shikamaru arrives and notes that Code may be with them as well and may have already killed Kawaki. Naruto is surprised by Shikamaru's presence and Shikamaru explains that he cannot let Naruto go on a suicide mission alone because he no longer has Kurama's power. Naruto is angered by this and asks if Shikamaru intends for Naruto to abandon the quest. Shikamaru replies that he won't tell Naruto and will go with him since Sasuke and Sai aren't available; Naruto steps back. Hinata and Himawari come out of the house and Hinata tells Naruto that she will also save Boruto. Naruto objects, saying that if he and Hinata died, Himawari would be left without parents. Himawari asks Naruto if everything will be alright. Activating Sage Mode, Naruto tells her that he will.

Back in the fight, Boruto tries to absorb Code's Claw Marks to no avail. Kawaki explains that they are made of his chakra, but contain enough iron from the Code's blood to be considered physical matter that is immune to karma absorption. Kawaki changes the subject and asks why Momoshiki didn't take over his body; Boruto replies that this has never happened before, but it could be a side effect of the medicine. Regardless of the medication, it is important to clear the code. Code notes that whatever effect the medicine has, it won't get rid of Momoshiki and that Boruto is still Ohtsutsuki. Boruto is surprised that Code knows about the cure. Code continues that he doesn't care because Boruto's body will still be sacrificed to the Ten. Boruto tells him that he won't offer himself, and Code replies that he'll be back when Boruto's Ohtsutsuki-fic is finished. Until then, he takes Kawaki with him to fulfill his end of the deal with Eida. Kawaki creates a Shadow Doppelganger that appears behind the Code. He tries to punch Code, but he catches him with his fist. Boruto attacks the Code with the Rasengan, but the Code disappears. Code questions why Kawaki is acting when he previously agreed to go with him. Kawaki replies that his intention was always to protect the Seventh Lord, and removing him now may be a better option to achieve that goal. Code tells them that it would be better to just obey his orders and Boruto counters that they should finish it.

Naruto successfully located Boruto and detected another unrecognizable chakra signature. Shikamaru relays the information to Ino and tells her to be on high alert. Naruto and Shikamaru prepare to leave and Shikamaru questions how long Naruto will be able to maintain his Sage Mode as he is unable to maintain it for long. Naruto tells him not to worry and that it will take longer than before. On the way, Shikamaru tells Naruto not to overdo it.

Code and Boruto continue to exchange blows. Boruto punches Koda in the head and kicks him into a tree while he is stunned. Code places a Claw Mark on a tree and emerges from one behind Boruto. The Code hits him, and while in the air, Boruto creates a jutsu and launches it at the Code; Code recognizes the jutsu about to hit him as a disappearing rasengan. Code places a Claw Mark under him and avoids the blow. He says it was close, but Eida tells him to stop fooling around. Boruto says they all have to get out now when his leg suddenly collapses. He starts clutching his chest, rising and falling to the ground as Kawaki calls his name.

 The latest installment of the Boruto manga, chapter 64, is jam-packed with action, suspense, and emotional moments that are sure to leave readers on the edge of their seats. The chapter picks up right where the previous one left off, with a fierce battle between Naruto and Isshiki Otsutsuki. Naruto, in his six-tailed beast form, is giving it his all against the powerful Otsutsuki, but it seems like it may not be enough. Isshiki's immense strength and speed prove to be a challenge for Naruto, and just when it seems like he may have the upper hand, Isshiki reveals his trump card - the ability to shrink objects and people at will.

This ability puts Naruto in an even more difficult position, as he now has to not only fight off Isshiki's attacks but also protect himself and Sasuke from being shrunk. Sasuke, who had been gravely injured in the previous chapter, is struggling to stay conscious and help his friend. But just when all seems lost, Boruto steps in to save the day. He unleashes a powerful jutsu, aided by his Karma seal, which manages to inflict some damage on Isshiki.

However, the battle takes a sudden turn when Isshiki reveals that he has implanted a Kama mark on Kawaki, meaning that he can now use Kawaki's body as a vessel. This revelation shocks everyone, and it becomes even more urgent for Naruto and Sasuke to defeat Isshiki before it's too late. The intensity of the battle only increases from here, with both sides pulling out all their strongest moves and strategies. It becomes a race against time as Isshiki's Shrinking Jutsu continues to pose a threat and Kawaki's life hangs in the balance.

But just when all hope seems lost, Momoshiki Otsutsuki makes a surprise appearance, revealing that he has been inhabiting Boruto's body all this time. Boruto and Momoshiki have a tense moment as Boruto struggles to regain control of his body. However, this turns out to be a blessing in disguise, as Momoshiki's presence gives Boruto access to the Otsutsuki power and experience. With this new power, Boruto and his father team up, combining their efforts to take down Isshiki once and for all.

As the battle rages on, readers also get a glimpse into the past through Isshiki's flashbacks. We learn more about his history and how he came to be in Kaguya's service, providing much-needed context to his motivations and actions. Meanwhile, Sasuke uses this opportunity to gather information about the Otsutsuki and their plans, as he knows that defeating Isshiki may not be the end of their troubles.

In the end, Naruto and Boruto's combined efforts prove to be successful as they manage to defeat Isshiki. However, the battle takes a toll on both of them, pushing their bodies to the limits. Sasuke, who had been gravely injured, also receives medical attention, and the three of them return to the Hidden Leaf Village, where they are greeted as heroes.

But the victory is short-lived, as more challenges await our heroes. Kawaki's Kama mark is still a threat, and the Otsutsuki clan's plans loom over the village. The chapter ends on a cliffhanger, leaving readers eagerly anticipating the next installment.

In conclusion, chapter 64 of the Boruto manga not only delivers an emotionally-charged battle between Naruto and Isshiki but also sets the stage for even bigger conflicts to arise. With the introduction of Momoshiki's presence within Boruto's body and the looming threat of the Otsutsuki, it's evident that the story is far from over. Fans can only wait and see what twists and turns await in the next chapter.