Boruto Manga Chapter 43

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Boruto Chapter 43 – Manifestation

Boruto Manga Chapter 43

This month's release of the Boruto manga finally ended Team 7's battle with Boro. Titled 'Manifestation', Issue 43 also gave us a look at the amount of control Momoshiki has over Boruto due to the Karma brand.

I don't know about you all, but I'm tired of the manga series dragging out the fight between Team 7 and Boro. While I appreciate some well-crafted battle sequences, I also want the plot to progress, especially when there's only a single issue each month. That's why I enjoyed reading 'Manifestation.' It gave me what I wanted.

Ever since the previous chapter ended, the fandom has speculated whether or not Salad's Chidori was able to extract Boro's core. There were theories that Boro moved the core away from attack or had two cores. Well, I'm happy to report that yes, Salad was able to destroy Boro's core. Hurrah!

However, he did not die. Boo!

As the core was broken by Salado, all of the scientific ninja tools inside Bora became unstable, sending him on a rampage across the battlefield. Which yes, fine. I wasn't a fan of him getting a power boost after Team 7 struggled a lot with destroying the core.

It was basically a plot to showcase Momoshiki taking over Boruto's body. We already knew that Momoshiki would use Boruto as his vessel. However, seeing a possessed Boruto in action was a lot of fun. He easily dismantled Boro with a giant Rasengan.

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Boruto in 'Manifestation' (Image: Boruto Manga Chapter 43)

However, his possessed design reminded me of the one-horned design of Ichigo from Bleach. But again, Shonen content has a lot in common. So I'm willing to cast the similarities aside.

As the narrative stands now, it looks like Boruto will struggle with Momoshiki's control as he ages, while Kawaki will have to do something similar since he's (apparently) a vessel for Isshiki.

Anyway, I'm glad the new team 7 was able to win the fight and save Naruto. I was hoping someone like Sakura, Rock Lee, or even Shikamaru would come to their aid, but hey, at least the battle is over. Fingers crossed we will see Naruto's generation shine in the Boruto manga just like the older generation in the Naruto manga.

"The Manifestation" ended with Kashin Koji going to Jigen. We still don't know who Kashin Koji is. Also, does the fact that he wants to defeat Jigen make him an ally of the good guys? I'm not really sure.

Another thing I'd like to point out is that I loved the full color cover of the latest chapter. I've been saying for a long time that the salad outfit is not appropriate for someone who is a little girl of 12 or 13 years old. Having her without pants (when her previous outfit was very age appropriate and cool looking) doesn't make sense to me. . It's a type of sexualization I'm not a fan of.

However, the cover for 'Manifestation' gave her a new look. And while it's not my favorite outfit, at least she's wearing something decent. Also because of the yellow she reminded Jubilee from X-Men.