Boruto Manga Chapter 44

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Boruto Chapter 44 – Amado

Boruto Manga Chapter 44

The plot has shifted quite a bit in this month's Boruto manga issue. 'Amado' let us know what the title character and Kashin Koji might be planning.

I know some fans complained that writer Ukyo Kodachi and manga artist Mikio Ikemoto were taking their own sweet time when it came to progress in Boruto. I think those fans will enjoy reading 'Amado' because it gave us a lot of information in a single issue of the manga.

The main story of the chapter was about Amado going to the Hidden Leaf Village and wanting to talk to Shikamaru. I think whatever he wanted to achieve was very important because Amado wasn't playing around. He easily took down Shikadai, Chocho, and Inojin, then proceeded to take Shikadai hostage to gain an audience with Shikamaru.

From what I understood, if Amado and Kashin Koji really wanted to work with good people, becoming a party to the Hidden Leaf Village was a good choice. We don't really know Jigen's whole plan. But if it has to do with resurrecting Isshiki properly (and quite possibly bringing in Kaguya), Amado and Kashin Koji trying to stop such a strategy is a smart move. However, I'm not sure I can fully trust them.

Also, if Ishiki needs to be resurrected, does that mean someone was able to defeat him? Is Isshiki, like Kaguya, also sealed somewhere? These are the questions I would like to answer.

The rest of the chapter's story focused on Salad sharing her concerns about Boruto with Sasuke and Sakura. I also enjoyed seeing Mitsuki interact with Sasuke. Since Mitsuki was basically in love with Boruto, it made sense for him to be concerned about Boruto's well being (after what happened). I liked how Sasuke and Mitsuki were (as intelligent characters) and b