Boruto Manga Chapter 42

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Boruto Chapter 42 – Regeneration

Boruto Manga Chapter 42 Summary

 This month's issue of the Boruto manga titled 'Regeneration', while enjoyable, made me wish that the fight between Team 7 and Boro was already over.

The previous issue of the manga was very action-packed, as was chapter 42. Fingers crossed Next month's chapter is different. At this point, I wouldn't even mind if the upcoming chapter focuses on other characters. I just want something other than seeing Team 7 trying to destroy Boro.

One thing that 'Regeneration' made clear was Boro's intention to play with Team 7. If he really wanted to, he could kill all four young ninjas. However, I think his arrogance continued to get the better of him. For some reason he decided to exhaust Team 7 instead of ending their current battle.

Of course, with Team 7 having some very intelligent team members, it was only a matter of time before they figured out Boro's weakness. Honestly, if I were Boro, I would have stopped playing the moment the kids broke the crippling virus attack in chapter 41.

Kawaki and Salad worked together for another attack. I keep telling you all, I wouldn't be surprised if these two become endgame.

Kawaki revealed that each Kara member's body was modeled by a scientist named Amado. Each member was apparently hiding a core. You destroy the core, you destroy the person.

I liked how it was explained that the reason Boro is able to continue to regenerate is because he has the ability to shift his core away from harm. It didn't matter if you blew his head off or crushed his limbs or his entire lower body, as long as his core remained intact, he would instantly regenerate.

Where do you think Kawaki's core is? Does it even have a core?

The best moment in my opinion came when Salad followed Boro's body to track the core. She needed to attack him before he could move the core away.

And you know what she did? She fucking used a Chidori!

That moment looked amazing on panel and I can't wait to see it animated. Considering how Mitsuki and Salad were pushed to the background due to Kawaki's entry in the manga series, I continue to be glad that the current fight gives Salad and Mitsuki more to do.

I still don't know why Mitsuki doesn't use her Sage Mode. But at least we have Salado, who shows off a very powerful attack.

As for Boruto, he didn't do much. The young ninja was basically a punching bag in this chapter along with (his friend) Mitsuki. Many fans have already complained about Boruto being a carbon copy of Naruto, and seeing him use Rasengans and Shadow Clones in 'Regeneration' didn't do much to dismiss such complaints.

I'm not saying that Boruto using Rasengans during this particular battle didn't make sense. As Salad mentioned, using fire style or lightning style jutsus would be useless against Boro. And from what I can tell, the Rasengan is the hardest attack Boruto currently has.

However, I wish Boruto had a different fighting style than Naruto. I think the only difference between the two in terms of fighting style is the fact that Boruto doesn't have as much chakra as Naruto.

Going back to the salad, the manga and anime have stated that she doesn't have much chakra reserves to continue using the Sharingan for a long period of time. While I understand that it takes a lot of energy to use the Sharingan, I'm a little disappointed.

I expected Salad to learn the Byakugo seal like her mother Sakura. However, the seal requires perfect chakra control and requires the user to store chakra for years (in the forehead) without any interruption.

With the Sharingan already vacuuming the salad, I don't think he'll learn the seal. But I hope I'm wrong. We'll see. Maybe learn some great medical jutsu instead? I want someone in team 7 to learn medical jutsu again!

I understand that some might say that it made sense for Salad not to continue using the Sharingan during the chakra conservation battle. But to me, seeing her activate and then deactivate her Sharingan (even for a few seconds) seemed weird. As far as I can tell, it's clear she doesn't have a lot of chakra to work with.

As 'Regeneration' ends on a cliffhanger, we don't know if Salad's Chidori were able to destroy Boro's core or not. I guess we'll find out next month.