Boruto Manga Chapter 33

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Boruto Chapter 33 – Exceeding the Limits!!

Boruto Manga Chapter 33 Summary

 This month's release of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations finally concluded the battle between Naruto and Delta. "Breaking the Limit" showed that Naruto would have been able to defeat Delta sooner if the manga team hadn't decided to drag the whole thing out.

The moment Delta used Himawari to attack Naruto was when she confirmed her loss. You can't attack Naruto's children and expect them not to end you there. It wasn't the best tactic and 'Breaking the Limit' showed that Delta was paying the price.

I have no idea why the Kara organization has no information on Naruto. Along with Sasuke, Kakashi and Sakura, he defeated Kaguya (a divine being). Even if the Kara organization doesn't know about every ninja in the world, it should at least know about the heroes responsible for ending the Great Ninja War.

They should be familiar with what Naruto is capable of. Therefore, seeing Delta fight him without a specific plan made her look incompetent.

What kind of ego does she have to think she could handle Naruto on her own? Will the other Kara members be like her? Does everyone think it's enough to scientifically enhance their bodies with technology? Ha!

Naruto's tactics to defeat Delta involved breaking her jutsu absorption limit. Delta is not Obito. This means that when he absorbs a jutsu, he has to store it in his body, unlike Obito who sent him to another dimension.

Due to the reserves in her body, there is a limit to how much chakra Delta can absorb, and Naruto was easily able to break the limit due to the sheer amount of chakra she has.

I'm not sure if Delta is dead or just unconscious. I wouldn't be surprised if she was alive. However, I personally wouldn't mind if they saw her last. Delta is one of the most basicly written antagonists and didn't add anything to the overall narrative.