Boruto Manga Chapter 32

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Boruto Chapter 32 – Owed Debts


 Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga number 32 ended in disappointment. "A Sense of Duty" showcased the variety of attacks Delta has, but it came at the cost of damaging Naruto for no reason.

"A Sense of Duty" was another obvious example of how Ukyou Kodachi isn't above weakening Naruto to raise the stakes, even if it doesn't make sense. I can understand the problem Kodachi has when handling a powerful figure like Naruto and not wanting to end the battle in mere seconds. However, I think Kodachi can do a better job. If the story wants the ninja battles to be tense, they shouldn't involve Naruto.

I say that Kodachi should leave the other ninjas in the Naruto series for a while because the current Hokage is more than capable of defeating an opponent like Delta even with a number of scientific enhancements in him.

Kodachi dragged the battle for useless reasons. Stating that Naruto is holding back because he doesn't want the kids to get hurt, which (while the right thing to do) is not something that should continue during a battle.

Since Boruto, Kawaki, and Himawari refused to leave the battlefield, it would make more sense for Naruto to create a clone and force the children away from danger.

Seeing Delta focus her attacks on the kids to hopefully defeat Naruto was very predictable and made for bad writing.

Also should I be afraid of Delta's eye beams? According to Kawaki, the rays are meant to halt the regeneration process and prevent opponents from healing.

But if a limb is hit and all the cells (in that area) are dead and unable to reproduce, shouldn't cutting off the limb an inch beyond the layer of dead cells restart the healing process? It didn't make sense!

With Delta threatening Himawari's life, I hope Kodachi lets Naruto get serious and just finish the battle. He nearly killed his daughter by holding back.