Boruto Manga Chapter 34

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Boruto Chapter 34 – Training!!

Boruto Manga Chapter 34 Summary

 The latest chapter of the Boruto manga helped us understand a little more about the Kara organization. "Training" also allowed some time for Kawaki to grow closer to Boruto's family.

When Delta was finally defeated, Naruto decided to bring her in for questioning. However, his plan failed as Delta's body self-destructed. It turns out that Delta has multiple bodies in the lab somewhere, which made me roll my eyes. Why can't she just stay dead? Do all Kara members have more than one body?

"The Training" featured a variety of villains that our heroes would soon face. While I'm not a fan of any of the villains, I'm looking forward to learning more about how their powers work.

We also saw Jigen's reaction after Delta told him about Boruto's Karma (or Kama) seal and how Boruto's and Kawaki's seals resonate with each other. I'm not sure yet, but with Kawaki being Jigen's vessel, I wouldn't be surprised if Jigen was able to find a way to control Kawaki, making the young ninja-in-training fight Naruto.

As for Kawaki, I'm not sure how to feel about Naruto filling up his chakra to give Kawaki a prosthetic arm. Also, Naruto accepting Kawaki's request to train him didn't make sense to me. The beginning of Boruto was all about Naruto being too busy to spend time with his family. But now, even with the dangerous Kara organization, can Naruto take the time to train Kawaki?

The whole thing to me was blatant plot convenience just so the story arc could end with Kawaki betraying Naruto's trust.

Salad is pushed to the background because of Kawaki and that's just disappointing. With how the Naruto franchise has given women limited time in the spotlight, I was hoping that Boruto would be different. But I guess I should brace myself for another disappointment.

Current manga is on its way to becoming the next boy-centric party. I'm not interested in a story about two young men (friends?) fighting each other because we already have a lot of that in Naruto.

Boruto even ignores Mitsuki because of Kawaki and that's sad because we all know how much Mitsuki loves Boruto.