Boruto Manga Chapter 25

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Boruto Chapter 25 – Resonance

Boruto Manga Chapter 25 Summary

Kawaki jumps away from Garo and extends his morphed arm at him. Garo jumps and dodges the attack and tries to shoot Kawaki with his science arm. Kawaki removes his morphed arm and runs away from the attack to avoid it. He then throws parts of his morphed arm at Gara. Konohamaru's team watches in amazement, and while Katasuke notes that Garo is using a general ninja science tool, he wonders what's going on with Kawaki's body. Garo notes that Kawaki is already out of breath, and Kawaki angrily attacks him in response. Garo blocks his attack and pins him with his mechanical arm, sending the attack straight through his body. He then picks up the passed out Kawaki and tells him that if only he had followed orders, he wouldn't have to experience such pain. Boruto starts to run towards Garo but is stopped by Konohamaru who says that they shouldn't move recklessly and that the priority was to protect their lives. Meanwhile, Delta, watching from afar, complains about Garo's rough treatment of Kawaki and says that they should replace everything in Kawaki, starting with his brain. Koji Kashin tells her to calm down. As Garo is about to break Kawaki's arms and legs, Boruto's karma activates, and while Garo is distracted, Kawaki's karma also activates. Kawaki then immediately destroys one of Garo's mechanical arms, who wonders where he got such power. Kawaki begins to approach Garo as his and Boruto's karmas touch their faces. Garo tries to shoot Kawaki, but his attack is immediately absorbed by karma. Mitsuki notes that he did the same thing Boruto did before. Kawaki then transforms his arm and pierces Garo's stomach. As Garo falls to his knees, Kawaki removes his morphed arm, puts his hand on Garo's head and blows him up, creating a crater around him. Delta praises him for blasting the Konoha shinobi, but Koji tells her to look closer. Boruto absorbed Kawaki's attack and protected the team. Kawaki notes that the shinobi didn't know about karma, but still believed they were part of Kara. Koji notes that the two karmas were definitely in resonance and wonders if that's why Jigen was so fixated on Kawaki. Kawaki and Boruto's karma deactivates and Kawaki falls unconscious. Delta asks Koji if she should take care of the Konoha shinobi, but Koji tells her that they shouldn't get involved. Katasuke notes that Kawaki's body is not ordinary, and more specifically, that his entire body is a ninja scientific instrument. Delta questions Koji's decision to let the shinobi take the vessel, but Koji insists on gathering information. He says it's pointless to deal with the leak because they'll be forced to give in to Kara in the end anyway. Katasuke is impressed with Kawaki's body, saying that it is on par or even better than the Seventh Hokage's prosthetic arm. Katasuke is excited about the fact that there are other genius scientists. Boruto asks if Kawaki can be fixed, but Katasuke says it's not possible. Mitsuki wonders if Kawaki was made from nothing, just as he was made by cloning technology. Boruto and Sarada are surprised by this, and Mitsuki reveals that he is a clone of a shinobi named Orochimaru. Katasuke tells Mitsuki that while he was made with organic technology based on genetic engineering, Kawaki was a human being who was made "something else through inorganic technology". The team decides to head back to the village to decide what to do with Kawaki.

The Fire Land daimyo Ikkyu Madoka issues a statement regarding the state of affairs with the Wave Land. Watching this on the news, Iruka and Anko are concerned about his position and reflect on how good Konoha is. Naruto is with them after he came to the Academy and announced that he had reached an agreement with the Land of Water to allow field trips there. Boruto interrupts their discussions with a bad rendition of the Wind Release jutsu. Boruto tries to talk about the problem. Boruto and Naruto have a fight. Shino reports the development to his class. Students discuss the options. Shino asks for a class leader to represent them, and Sarada volunteers Boruto, who is hanging upside down and gagging over his earlier prank. The other students support her and Boruto is unable to voice his disapproval due to being gagged. When they talk about it after class, Iwabee reminds them of Kirigakure's past as the "Blood Mist". Hinata helps Boruto pack for the trip. Shino and Anko go to class by train and boat. Boruto and Sarada fight. Iwabee remains sullen throughout the journey. At night, Boruto asks Mitsuki about his Wind Release. Kirigakure comes into view. They arrive in the morning and are surprised how urban it looks. The group is greeted by their guide, Kagura Karatachi, aide to the Mizukage. Many girls swooned over him. Kagura welcomes Boruto and shows them around. Kagura and Boruto share a common interest in Kagemasa. Iwabee remains sullen and skeptical about Kirigakure's current state as he talks to Boruto and Denki. Boruto bumps into someone. Iwabee and his attitude about it cause him and Boruto to start fighting, but Shizuma intervenes. The children of Konoha impressed him by standing up to Hassaku. The two leave and as they do, the village is enveloped in a thick fog.