Boruto Manga Chapter 24

Boruto Manga Chapter 24 Colored    

Boruto Chapter 24 – Kawaki


Delta and Jigen share food. Delta wonders what is taking Koji Kashin so long to get Kara's "vessel". However, Jigen is confident in Koji's abilities and believes he would never abandon the mission. Jigen then wonders if something piqued his curiosity before Delta kicks away and destroys the table. Frustrated, she asks Jigen what he thinks about putting off restoring the "vessel", to which he replies that he hasn't eaten yet. He then sets up a new table with wine and some food and assures Delta that the ship will eventually return and that he cannot escape. Delta asks Jigen if she could check out the situation firsthand, and Jigen agrees, though he tells her that it's a mission for Koji and should be carried out according to his plans. He tells her to let him know if there are any problems, and Delta leaves, leaving Jigen to enjoy his meal. Meanwhile, the Konoha shinobi observe the passed out boy, saying that he must have been very exhausted and that his injuries were just scrapes. Konohamaru mentions that it is disturbing that this boy shares the same hand mark as Boruto. Boruto then feels a throbbing pain in his birthmark that the boy felt as well. In his dream, the boy remembers the time when his drunk and violent father sold him to Jigen. Jigen tells a boy named Kawaki to calm down. Jigen tells Kawaki that he is now his father and that there is nothing to fear. Kawaki then starts moving and Konohamaru, sensing danger, tells everyone to run away from him. Kawaki wakes up screaming not to be touched before sending out a large burst of energy that knocks everyone back. Konohamaru sees this as proof that Kawaki was strong enough to take down the puppets. Kawaki asks the team if the pursuers are from Kara, to which Konohamaru replies that they are Konoha shinobi. Koji Kashin watches the ordeal from afar before noticing Delta approaching him from behind. Koji asks Delta if she brought the outer, and she replies that she brought Gar because she wants to see what he could do. Meanwhile, Kawaki questions what the Konoha shinobi wanted from him and Konohamaru assures him that they had no intention of harming him and were just investigating the crashed airship and asks Kawaki what he knows about it. Kawaki tells them to leave him alone, but Konohamaru refuses, telling him that he has to take care of him. Kawaki then threatens to kill them before Boruto holds out his hand, revealing that he has the same mark as Kawaki. Delta asks what the meaning is. Kawaki questions why Boruto has the Karma mark and Koji wonders what will happen between the two Karmas. Seeing this, Kawaki is certain that the team are the pursuers from Kara and ignores Boruto and Sarada's demands to listen to them. They are then interrupted by Garo, who has come to retrieve Kawaki, a vessel. When he sees the Konoha shinobi in contact with Kawaki, he comments that Ao has failed and that he was a disgrace to the outsiders. Kawaki gets angry at Garo for treating him like an object and mentions that he destroyed his jaw. Garo tells Kawaki that he will take him home, mentioning that he still held a grudge before the attack. Kawaki quickly dodges the attack and attacks Garo. The attack is easily blocked and Garo notes that Kawaki has been greatly weakened, making the task easy now. Kawaki replies that his handicap will make it a fairer fight.

 Naruto follows the damaged tree and explains to Shikamaru that it is the only one left after the attack. Shikamaru asks if everything is ready for the Five Kage Summit, which Naruto confirms. Iwabee and Metal split up while arguing over which Kage is the strongest, accidentally knocking out Shino. Boruto and Shikadai talk about the summit as a family affair, much to Inojin's amusement. Sarada impresses her classmates with her shurikenjutsu and announces her goal to become Hokage. Boruto questions her change of heart and recalls her recent taunting of the shinobi. Sarada deflects and tries to humiliate Boruto. As they argue, Mitsuki expresses her opinion that they would make a nice couple, much to their embarrassment. Chōchō almost reveals that Sarada has awakened the Sharingan, but Sarada stops her. Boruto unsuccessfully tries to recruit Shikadai and Inojin to graffiti Hokage Rock during the summit. Sarada tells Chōchō that her mother warned her about the Sharingan, and Sarada herself wants to learn how to use it well enough before revealing it. Iwabee and Metal continue to discuss the Five Kage and watch their arrival on television. Sakura struggles with unpacking after moving house. Boruto watches his father's speech. Chōchō helps Sarada train. Sarada copied Boruto's shadow clone and uses it against Chōchō, but passes out from lack of chakra. Konohamaru catches her as she falls. She asks him about the Sharingan and he tells her what he knows. He learns that he wants to be Hokage and says that there are rivals in it. In a closed meeting, Naruto informs the other Kage about the recent events and the presence of other dimensions in them. He tells them that Kaguya created White Zetsu before the war, in preparation for a great enemy. The Second Kage worries when the next enemy will come, worried about the next generation's lack of fighting skills. Gaara says it's always been a problem and that new generations are rising. Sarada fights Boruto when she finds him on his way to destroy the Hokage Rock. Naruto says that the current generation can rely on their friends to fight and improve their skills. Sarada and Boruto spar, Sarada impresses Boruto. He keeps destroying the stones, causing Naruto to be informed and irritated.