Boruto Manga Chapter 23

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Boruto Chapter 23 – Karma

Boruto Manga Chapter 23 Summary

Koji Kashin releases his toad summon and lands on the ground in front of Team 7. He congratulates them on defeating Ao before being confronted by Konohamaru and asked about Kara. Koji says he doesn't have time to answer and casts a sealing jutsu on the team. As he is about to burn them with fire, Konohamaru releases a sealing jutsu and goes to attack Koji, telling the team that he is ready to die to protect them. He creates a Rasengan, which to his surprise meets Koji's own Rasengan, created without the use of Scientific Ninja Tools. Boruto is shocked that anyone other than his father and Konohamaru can use the Rasengan. Koji praises Konohamaru for his skills, but says that he still has a long way to go before the toad that was placed on Konohamara's body explodes, showering him with fire. Koji explains that the fire on it is known as the true fire of samadhi and can never be extinguished. To Koji's disbelief, Boruto reaches out to Konohamaru and activates a karma seal on his hand, absorbing the flames. Konohamaru passes out, and Koji comments that he didn't expect to see the Karma Seal here because he thought Naruto was the one who defeated Momoshiki. Boruto tells Koji that he thinks too highly of himself. Sarada, Mitsuki and Katasuke look at Boruto in awe. Boruto then collapses and Sarada rushes in to protect him. Koji notes that it looks like this is Boruto's first time using this power before turning around and starting. He thanks Team 7 for killing Ao, ignoring Sarada's questions about what happened to Boruto. Sarada then attacks Koji with a kunai before being stopped by Mitsuki, who says she needs to make sure Boruto and Konohamaru are safe. Koji tells Mitsuki that he made the wise decision expected of Orochimaru's child. Later, as Boruto and Konohamaru walk home, Sarada wonders what Boruto's power was. As the team prepares to return to the village, Mitsuki notices a puppet, different from the ones near the airship. They notice that it's quite far from the balloon and that it's quite cold, meaning it's been a long time since it was broken. It was also completely destroyed, indicating that whoever destroyed it had tremendous fighting ability. Konohamaru wonders if someone who had the cargo escaped to their location. Chamaru alerts them to a boy near the destroyed puppets. He is unconscious, but Katasuke thinks he is alive based on Chamaru's reaction. Konohamaru worries that it might be a trap, but Boruto ignores him and rushes to the boy. Boruto then notices that the boy has the same karma seal as him.

Sasuke flies Naruto, Sarada, and Chocho in his Susano while Sarada thinks about her parents' relationship. Naruto puts a hand on her shoulder and she decides she can think about it after her mother is saved. Sasuke says they are close to their destination and asks Naruto to sense if Sakura and the enemy are there.

Shin claims to be the one to grant Itachi's wish and the Uchiha name by reviving the Akatsuki and re-creating the conflict as he creates an arm from the many blades. Sakura is not impressed and slams the ground, destroying a large part of the room. When Sasuke and the others arrive at the hideout, they are attacked by a group of Shin clones. Sarada walks forward inside, Sasuke follows her. Naruto stays to fight the clones and protect Chōchō. Sakura fights Shin inside the hideout.

Sarada sets off a trap on her way in, which Sasuke burns. Shin aims a shuriken at Sakura, but Sasuke blocks it with his Susanoo. Sasuke intends to take Shin back to Konoha for questioning. The Shin clone stands between Shin and Sasuke and Sasuke is ready to cut him. Sarada asks him not to, but Shin stabs Sasuke through the Shin clone. Sakura runs towards Sarada and Sasuke switches places with her, allowing Sakura to hit Shin. The clones fighting Naruto retreat. Naruto and Chōchō walk in. Shin wants to use the clones as a distraction to escape, but they turn on him, claiming to evolve instead of him since he's weakened. Many more clones appear, some of them of different sizes. Shin tries to have his creature warp him and Sakura away, but Sarada intervenes and kills the creature.

Clone Shin tries to stab Naruto, who blocks it, allowing the clones to see Kurama, which scares them. Shin is dead. Naruto decides that as children the clones should learn right from wrong. Chōchō praises Sarada's strength. Sarada asks Sasuke if his feelings are really connected to Sakura and he points out that they had her.

The clones are taken to an orphanage in Konoha under the care of Kabuto, who wants each of them to have their own identity. Chōchō laments that she has not found her real father, but as they return, she sees a slimmed down Choji and is surprised by it and asks to learn from him. At Orochimaru's hideout, Karin chides Suigetsu for confusing Sarada, explaining that the umbilical cord he was testing was Sarada's and that she gave birth to her when Sakura gave birth. Sasuke leaves again the next day, this time on better terms with Sarada.