Boruto Manga Chapter 26

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Boruto Chapter 26 – A Present

Boruto Manga Chapter 26 Summary

Inside the lab, there are several children inside test tubes filled with liquid. Jigen takes Kawaki to meet Amad and tells him that this is the last child. Jigen assures Kawaki that there is nothing to fear and that if he accepts Jigen as his father, he will no longer be empty. Jigen then tells Kawaki that if they become parent and child, he will receive a valuable gift. Kawaki then wakes up in Konoha Hospital, surrounded by Konohamaru, Naruto, and Shikamaru. He asks where he is and Naruto assures him that he is in a safe place. Konohamaru says that they couldn't just leave him broken and exhausted and tries to talk to Kawaki. However, he immediately rolls out of bed and tries to climb out of the window. Shikamaru stops him with shadow paralysis and tells him that if they wanted to do something to him, they would have done it already. Naruto introduces himself to Kawaki as the Seventh Hokage, the head of the village. Previously, Shikamaru had disagreed with Naruto about keeping Kawaki in the village, fearing Kara recapturing him or even the possibility of Kawaki being a spy. Naruto responds by looking at Kawaki in person and talking about his experiences as a Jinchūriki and how people feared him. Shikamaru tells him that this is not a decision he can make alone. Katasuke explains the scientific instruments of the ninja and the karma inside Kawaki's body to the Five Kage, stating that the karma renders his opponent's jutsu useless. The Kage agree that Kawaki is too dangerous to ignore, and Naruto assures them that he will keep an eye on Kawaki. The Kage believes that Naruto would be too busy with his normal duties to check on Kawaki, but Katasuke refutes this by showing that Naruto was sitting by Kawaki's bedside when the meeting took place. Kurotsuchi wonders which Naruto was the shadow clone. Gaara agrees to Naruto's plan, he is a former jinchuriki and knows what it's like to be imprisoned, and the rest of the Kage agree as well. Darui then asks about karma and Boruto has it too. Naruto says he doesn't understand, but he hopes Boruto will too, which will make Kawaki less wary of them. Naruto and Kawaki then start walking home, but Kawaki tries to run away. Even though Kawaki ran quite a distance, he sees Naruto standing right in front of him. At home, Hinata tells Kawaki to think of it as his own house. Naruto then asks Kawaki for a name, but Kawaki thinks he's trying to get information about Kara out of him. Naruto tells Kawaki that if they don't know who Kara is, they may not be able to protect him. Kawaki takes it as he tries to use him as bait to lure out Kara. Kawaki looks at his options for escaping the house and decides to flip the table and escape. Naruto then enters Nine-Tails Chakra Mode and tells Kawaki that he won't take his eyes off him and that it is his duty to protect the village. Kawaki thinks that Naruto might even be stronger than Jigen as he realizes that trying to escape him is pointless. Himawari comes into the room and Naruto returns to normal, assuring her that everything is fine. Boruto then comes home and Boruto and Kawaki immediately recognize each other, Boruto asks Kawaki why he is in his house. Naruto tells Boruto that Kawaki will be staying with them for a while. Boruto then notices that Himawari's flower vase was broken and immediately gets angry at Kawaki because it was a gift that Himawari made for her mother for her birthday. Kawaki makes a quick, nonsensical apology and the boys angrily introduce themselves to each other.

As Kagura accompanies the group, Boruto tells Iwabee not to wander off and pick fights again. Kagura points out that some villagers don't like foreigners. He introduces them to Mei, the previous Mizukage, and lists her previous efforts during the war and at the beginning of Kirigakure's expansion. The two lead them to the Mizukage's office where they meet Chōjūrō. Boruto is bored as Chōjūrō gives a long speech about cooperation. Sarada subtly calls him out on it, but Chōjūrō admits that long talks are boring. As the group leaves, Chōjūrō asks if Kagura will try one more time, wanting to set Kagura up for something in the future. Kagura politely declines and rushes to the group. Mitsuki tells the group what he knows about Kagura, and when Boruto doesn't know the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, Shikadai tells him about them. Kagura takes them to visit Kirigakure's Academy, where students practice kenjutsu on water. Chōjūrō challenges Boruto to a match, with Kagura as his partner. Boruto takes his time with his first move and can't find an opening. Despite the water feint, Boruto loses when Kagura disarms him. Iwabee can't watch and leaves and Kagura is upset about having to fight but calms down. Boruto questions him about it, but Kagura changes the subject when the students talk about the possibility of him becoming the Mizukage. He then takes them to visit the beaches. Kagura talks to Boruto and Sarada about how Chōjūrō has improved the quality of life in Kirigakure. At the end of the day, Kagura takes them to a memorial for those who died during the Blood Mist Era. Iwabee reveals that his grandfather was killed by the fourth Mizukage, who had the same surname as Kagura. Iwabee is irritated that Kagura is apologizing for something that happened while he wasn't there. Some of the villagers from Kirigakure who don't like outsiders come by, led by Hachiya, and tension rises as he talks down to Kagura. They also disrespect Boruto for being an Uzumaki. Hachiya tries to stab them but is stopped by Kagura. Iwabee attacks him with an earth spear, but they escape. Kagura doesn't care about the wound in his hand and Sumire cares about his injury. Hachiya and his group report to Shizumo, who orders them to re-engage the aliens and expresses interest in Kagura's response. Later, Denki wanders in at night after buying old electronics and is kidnapped. A message is delivered to Boruto telling him where to go to find Denki. Denki learns from his captors that he is bait for Boruto, whom he must defeat to save his reputation.