Boruto Manga Chapter 20

Boruto Manga Chapter 20 Colored    

Boruto Chapter 20 – Scientific Ninja Tools

Boruto Manga Chapter 20 Summary

After Boruto Uzumaki, Kawaki, and Buntan Kurosuki break into Funato Fortress, they come across a gigantic ninja science tool that was placed in the ship's fortress, Boruto wonders what they want to do with the ninja science tool.

 Sasuke encounters a hooded figure who attacks him with a kusairgama. Sasuke blocks it with his sword and channels a Chidori through his sword and the character's weapon, knocking them down. His assailant is a small, pale boy with a Sharingan bearing the Uchiha crest, who flees. Sarada rushes to the Hokage's office, intending to ask him where her father is. Naruto receives a message from Sasuke about the boy with the Sharingan from the hawk. Naruto consults with Kakashi, who believes that he might be related to a particular person. The boy encounters a hooded man who asks him about Sasuke, intending to kill him for killing Itachi. Arriving at Naruto's office, Sarada overhears him saying that he will meet Sasuke in person. Chocho meets Sarada at the gate. Naruto asks Shikamaru to tell Boruto he's sorry and heads out. Boruto arrives moments later with lunch. Sarada offers Naruto lunch and flies off with Chōcho. The two are tracked with a creature wielding a Sharigan. The boy Shin is ordered to kidnap Sarada. Shin approaches Chōchō and Sarada and starts fighting them. Naruto intervenes when Shin attacks Chōchō. Shin reveals the Mangekyo Sharingan, prompting Naruto to enter Six Paths Sage Mode. Shin attempts a sneak attack with remote controlled weapons, which Naruto blocks with his chakra arms. Shin dodges Naruto's chakra arms and is told to step back from the Sharingan creature. Chōchō briefly considers the possibility that Naruto is her father. Naruto thinks it will be safer for them to go with him. Sarada brings him lunch. Naruto describes Sasuke to Sarada, comparing her to both of her parents. Sarada rushes to the Ridge Tower to meet Sasuke, the prospect of finally meeting him and awakening her Sharingan. When Sasuke sees her, he draws his sword and asks if she is with Shin.