Boruto Manga Chapter 19

Boruto Manga Chapter 19 Colored    

Boruto Chapter 19 – Puppets


As they leave the research institute, Akita gives Boruto the ninja weapon science manuals, his contact information, and asks if he has enough healing foam. Boruto tells her that he's had enough, more would hinder his movement. He apologizes for his caution and attributes it to Katasuke and Chamaru coming with them. Boruto thought Katasuke was staying, but he arrives dressed in a prototype mechanical suit, originally designed for rehabilitation care but modified for combat, he wants to test it. Boruto is not happy about this. Sarada checks to see if everything is packed. Sumire notices that Akira has taken a liking to Boruto and asks Sarada if Boruto is popular with girls. Sarada thinks that Boruto makes friends easily. Sumire asks if Sarada is interested in Boruto, Sarada denies it and Sumire reveals that she is. They say goodbye to Akita and Sumire and leave. At the crash site, they noticed mechanical puppets scattered all around and wondered if there had been a battle. He sees no sign of Konohamaru. A crashed airship catches the attention of Katasuke, who goes inside to find an empty box. Outside, the puppets activate and attack. Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki each attack them with various ninjutsu, without much success. The puppets unleashed a flurry of Fire Release attacks. Boruto is impressed by the continuous rate of fire and Sarada notices the lack of manual seal weaving. Katasuke recognizes them as autonomous scientific ninja weapons and deduces from the attack that they are guarding a box inside the airship and that Konohamaru must have investigated as well. Boruto notices the puppets advancing and Katasuke steps forward to fight them with his own scientific ninja weapons. The puppets open fire on him, but he absorbs their attacks with his suit. He does so until the puppets' mechanisms overheat, causing them to stop working. Mitsuki assumes that the structure of the puppets lacks the stamina for such continuous involvement. Katasuke instructs them to disconnect their power sources so they don't attack again once they cool down. Sarada questions the need to go against the ninja's scientific weapons, knowing that they are proprietary technology developed by Konoha. Katasuke recalls how Ibiki told him that when he was in genjutsu, he leaked information about the weapons to someone. Chamaru gets their attention after finding a kunai they recognize as Konohamara's. Chamaru follows Konohamaru through the scent to a nearby cave where he tends to Mugin's injuries. Konohamaru anticipates opponents and likes to see them. Katasuke wonders how the enemy's weapons will surpass his own. Konohamaru asks Katasuke if he also saw the container in the balloon and hands him the data he collected for analysis. They are interrupted by Ao who arrives and wants to hear all about their situation. Boruto recognizes him from the train and Konohamaru recognizes him as the "Byakugan Killer" from the Bingo Book. Konohamaru, who knows he's retired, asks what he's doing there, but Ao says he'll be the one asking the questions. He prepares a scientific ninja weapon against them and asks where the contents of the balloon box are. Unbeknownst to Konohamaru, he refuses to divulge information about the ongoing mission, again emphasizing Ao's departure from the shinobi life. Ao decided to silence them instead and pointed a gun at them.

Sarada watches Boruto destroy the Hokage Rock from afar. Many of her classmates train with their fathers. Naruto chases Boruto through the village and Sarada misinforms him when Boruto asks her not to reveal his location. Sarada deduces that Boruto wants to get his father's attention. Shikamaru paralyzes Boruto with his shadow and reprimands him for employing Naruto even though he is only a shadow clone. Shikamaru finds Boruto and Naruto to be very similar, much to Boruto's dismay. He had Shikadai summon Naruto's shadow clone. Sarada eats with Chōchō Akimichi and questions the value and purpose of being a ninja with the upcoming graduation exam. Chōchō has to train with his father even though he doesn't want to. Chōji embarrasses Chōchō when he calls her. Chōchō doesn't think he's like her father and asks Sarada if he's like hers. Sarada tells her that she never met her father. At home, Sarada sees a photo of her father and her vision blurs. At dinner, Sarada asks Sakura about Sasuke and is irritated when Sakura can't give her specific answers. Sarada researches her clan. Sarada presses Sakura for more substantial information, even asking if she is really married to Sasuke. Sakura raises her voice and slams the ground, startling Sarada. Sakura apologizes and assures her that she and Sasuke are connected. Sakura's punch causes their house to collapse and Sakura passes out. Shizune takes her to the hospital. Sarada goes through the remains of their house for family photos and discovers that the picture of Sasuke is actually a picture of Taka and wonders who the woman with the glasses is. At the hospital, Sarada asks Shizune about her birth since there are no records of him in any hospital in the village. At the restaurant, Chōchō tells Sarada that she doesn't think Chōji and Karui are her real parents. Mitsuki dismisses her concerns. Chōchō asks Sarada to embark on a journey to find her real parents, inspiring Sarada to find Sasuke and question him herself. Elsewhere, Sasuke emerges from a portal and is attacked by a hooded man.