Boruto Manga Chapter 18

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Boruto Chapter 18 – The Hand

Boruto Manga Chapter 18 Summary

Boruto, Sarada, Mitsuki and Katasuke arrive at the research institute. There they meet Sumire Kakei from the Academy, who is part of the research team. Akita Inuzuka, another member of the research team, arrives to collect Katasuke's prosthetic arm and explodes as Katasuke fills her in on it. Boruto thinks the mission is over, but Sumire and his teammates tell him that there is more to their mission. Boruto wasn't aware that they would help test the ninja science tools as he burst out of the Hokage's office before learning all about the mission. First, Boruto and Mitsuki fight Sarada, who uses a prototype light and smoke bomb that floods them with light and sound. Mitsuki notes that even his enhanced senses were defeated by this. The three then enter a room where all sound is zeroed out. In each room, Sarada mentions how each of the tools could help the shinobi's missions. Next, they try gauntlets and boots that allow them to walk on walls without expending chakra, meaning they can focus on forming chakra for actual combat instead of having a split focus. Boruto gets injured while trying to fly a dragon, and Sumire treats his injury with a medical foam developed by Katasuke. Boruto notices that Sumire respects Katasuke. He reads the plaque with Katasuke's qualifications and a quote from Katasuke where he considers science a form of support. Boruto interrupts Chamaru, Akita's ninken, and notices that one of his legs is a prosthesis. Akita tells Boruto how Katasuke came to her and how his development of Chamaru's prosthetics led to her becoming his assistant. Katasuke offers Boruto to try out one of his prototypes, a chakra katana. Boruto comes by and looks at the prosthetic hand his father used before. Boruto receives a call from Naruto informing him of the loss of communication with Konohamaru and Mugino. Naruto pauses their current mission and tasks them with finding Konohamaru and Mugin since they are the closest team. Naruto, Shikamaru and Sai discuss the recent events. They believe that Kara is involved and fear that the state of the hot air balloon may have entered Tierra del Fuego airspace undetected. They believe that such efforts require funding, and whoever funds them is the enemy.

 Boruto tends to the bedridden Himawari while Hinata goes to collect her medicine. Boruto remembers the previous occasion when Himawari had fallen on hard times and remembers when Naruto became Hokage. Naruto arrived drunk late from a party with his friends the night before his inauguration. The next morning, Boruto jumps on him to wake him up when Himawari is unable to. Hinata has to pick up Naruto's formal wear as the seamstress still isn't done with him as she has made all the previous Hokage's formal wear. At the inauguration site, Kakashi was relieved as he handed over the Hokage mantle. Hinata arrives but Naruto doesn't so she goes back home to check on him. Boruto and Himawari fight over a teddy bear at home and end up tearing it apart. Himawari awakens the Byakugan and attacks Boruto, but Naruto stands between them and gets knocked down. At the inauguration, Kakashi and Shikamaru have Konohamaru transform into Naruto to get the event going. Hinata finds Naruto unconscious at home with the tenketsu closed and wonders who could have done it. Upstairs, Himawari found him hiding in a closet. Boruto resents Naruto for spending little time at home since becoming Hokage, but arrives saying he wants to see Himawari. Boruto notices that his Hokage cloak is inside out and is secretly glad that Naruto is back home. Boruto and Naruto argue about what Himawari should eat and Hinata kicks them both out. Naruto invites Boruto to eat with him and takes him to Ramen Ichiraku. Ayame greets them. Seeing the news about the upcoming meeting of the Five Kage, Boruto asks if Naruto will be busy again. Naruto tells him not to worry. Choji and Chocho arrive at the eating contest and Boruto is jealous of their relationship. The Akimichi were unable to break Hinata's record. At home, Hinata sees a picture of Naruto's inauguration and remembers the end of that day, discussing Himawari's Byakugan and Naruto's new dreams with him.