Boruto Manga Chapter 17

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Boruto Chapter 17 – Ao

Boruto Manga Chapter 17 Summary

Konohamaru explores the space in the crashed airship and copies the data from it. Mugino is attacked and urges him to run. Sasuke further explains to Boruto that there are enemies of the caliber of Ōtsutsuki operating in the shadows. Mitsuki asks if it's related to Boruto's seal. Naruto says that Sasuke explained to him what they know about the seal and the existence of an organization related to them. Boruto thinks about the consequences. Naruto explains that this is why they are working on ninja science tools. Katasuke comes in and mentions that the absorption function is useful for reducing collateral damage. Boruto is still angry with Katasuke for his cheating in the chūnin exams. Naruto says that technology is the power that supports the Hokage, much like Sasuke, whom Boruto admires, and reiterates that how technology is used matters. Boruto doesn't get Naruto's point. Naruto assigns them the task of accompanying Katasuke and a prosthetic hand to examine. Boruto refuses to take on the mission and storms off. Naruto asks Sarada and Mitsuki to watch Boruto's seal. Sasuke says Boruto will accept the mission after he cools down. Sarada and Mitsuki try to talk Boruto into taking the mission. Sarada decides to accept the mission anyway, and Mitsuki says that if Boruto doesn't accept it, neither will he. He points out that Boruto has stated that he will support Sarada as Hokage, and that the hand is a tool that protects those in the village, including Boruto's family. Boruto steps back and accepts the mission as Sasuke predicted. The three meet up with Katasuke at the train station and look for seats. Boruto tries to keep his conversation with Katasuke to a minimum. They find empty seats at Aa, who is an acquaintance of Katasuke's. Katasuke explains that Ao is a patient and points out his prosthetic limbs, his condition due to the last great war. Boruto and Sarada discuss technology, Sarada points out that the tools are just as much technology as Boruto's games, to which Boruto scolds, saying that the tools are overkill. Katasuke explains that the technology is also being developed for civilian use and adjusts Ao's prosthetic hand with a screwdriver. Katasuke mentions that Ao used to be a shinobi, which piques Boruto's interest. Learning that Ao has been on the battlefield at a young age and that he is from Kirigakure, Boruto mentions visiting him on a trip, Ao reflects on how his village has changed. Ao says that he's only alive because of the ninja scientific tools and asks if Boruto still doesn't like them. Boruto says no, and Ao takes Katasuke's screwdriver and holds it to Boruto's neck, saying that this is how he would die if they were enemies, echoing Naruto's words about using tools. Arriving at his station and saying goodbye to Ao, Boruto asks that they meet again when he is in Konoha. After they leave, Kashin Koji talks to Ao, who is surprised to have been contacted by Inner. He informs Ao of the loss of the vessel. Despite Ao claiming that he is no longer able to perform taijutsu, Kashin Koji points out that his genjutsu skills are still intact as he worked brilliantly on Katasuke. He tasks Ao with retrieving the vessel, stating that Konoha has already sent two jōnin to the crash site. He gives Ao free reign to do as he sees fit, offers him a crate full of weapons even though he doesn't believe Ao will need them, and leaves. Boruto is encouraged by his conversation with Ae and looks forward to meeting him again. Ao ponders how this will be the first time he's been in combat in sixteen years.
Shino teaches students how to walk on water, even mixing water to simulate river and sea currents. Later, Sarada is walking home with groceries and sees Boruto, Inojin, Shikadai and Denki jumping off the train. They invited her to come with them to teach Denki to fish. He refuses, having to prepare dinner, and scolds them for riding on top of the train. At home, Sarada prepares soup while Sakura arrives. The next day, Sarada hands Sakura the vacation plan as she finishes packing. Sakura asks if Sarada wants her to bring anything, but Sarada tells her not to waste the money. Sakura notices that the teddy bear that was supposed to be picked up for one of her patients is still there. Since she doesn't have time to deliver it, Sarada offers to take it. On the train, Sarada gets distracted reading a note from her mother and when she gets off, she forgets the teddy bear on the train. Sarada desperately tries to catch the train, but the thought of jumping across rooftops like Boruto makes her sad. Shizune notices her, the two exchange words and Sarada leaves. Meanwhile, the boys fail to catch any fish and Boruto decides to find a better fishing spot. Sarada rushes to the next station but has to help an old lady buy a ticket and misses it. Sarada jumps on top of the train before it gets away and is surprised that she is enjoying it. Shikadai glimpses her for a moment and she hides. A curious Shikadai informs the others of what he thinks he saw. Sarada hides from the boys, but they find her tracks. Sarada narrowly avoids them and jumps off the train. Chōchō sees her and Sarada begs her not to tell anyone. Chōchō takes her to a lost and found, where she picks up the package, only to discover that it is not the same package, despite the similar packaging, and that the other package has already been claimed. Chōchō takes her to a market where they sell produce from other villages and has the vendor identify the doll they have as the Takigakure doll they will send down the river in a ceremony for their ancestors. As payment, Chōchō gives up rare flavored chips from his personal stash. As part of their trip, Ino takes Sakura to where she had her first date with Sasuke. Chōchō and Sarada arrive at the ceremony site, but her package has already been put into the river. They return the package they collected and Sarada shakily walks down the river to retrieve hers. The boys arrive to try their hand at fishing in the river, distracting Sarada, who throws the package to Chōchō before falling into the river. She shows up where the boys are fishing and claims she went swimming, scaring them off. Sarada delivers a teddy bear and goes to eat with Chōcho. When Sakura returns home, Sarada offers her soup, but having learned from her mishap, she tells her mother that she deviated from her usual recipe.