Boruto Manga Chapter 16

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Boruto Chapter 16 – The Vessel

Boruto Manga Chapter 16 Summary

Jigen informs the rest of Kara that they have lost the "vessel". The two members lament the wasted time, effort and money. The senior member assumes it was an accident in transit and suggests finding and retrieving it immediately. Another member attributes a failure of such perception, causing the elder to threaten him. Jigen points out that while the loss of time is something that can be explained, it was a case of human error that could have been avoided. Member Kara says this is a discussion about how the responsible party will pay their debt. The elder asks about the still absent member, Amado, a concern shared by Jigen, who decides that their plans should go ahead as planned despite the elder's objections. The Elder wishes to mobilize the Outsiders to gather data on a new scientific ninja weapon and curse the situation caused by Momoshiki. Kashin Koji, the one who criticized the elder, asks to resolve the situation since the area in question is under his responsibility, much to the elder's dismay. Koji thinks the plane has crashed and a fight will be inevitable. Jigen agrees with Koji and asks the other Insiders for their opinions, they agree with Koji. Koji tells the Elder to contact the Outsider. The Elders try to protest, but Jigen won't have it, and Kara wishes for Vessel to make them a key as the other Kara members' projections begin to disappear, and get it back.
The other members are gone, the angry elder mentions that if it wasn't for the Genjutsu communication, he would have blown Koji's head off. Koji responds to his comment, the elder asks startled how long he's been there. Koji says he was there from the beginning of the meeting questioning the old man's senses. The elder tries to attack him, but Koji lands a kunai on his shoulder. The elder tries to forge the seals, but Koji activates his own jutsu, Samadhi Truth Flames, which he claims even the old man's regeneration jutsu cannot overcome. The flames are consuming him. Koji thinks about Konoha and Tierra del Fuego.
In Konoha, Boruto faces Naruto. Boruto distracts Naruto with two shadow clones that Naruto easily defeats and stands behind Naruto sending a Rasengan his way. Naruto waves at it and it disappears to everyone's confusion. Naruto praises Boruto's Rasengan. To the astonishment of his classmates, Boruto sends out an electrified wave. Naruto blocks it by raising an earth wall. Naruto punches through the wall with his prosthetic hand and absorbs the charged water. Mitsuki notes that it was the same with the Rasengan. Boruto follows the hand on the wall and Naruto surprises him from behind and kicks him. Shikamaru declares that the match is over. Shikadai and Inojin discuss the battle. Boruto notices Naruto's missing hand. Sarada and Mitsuki discuss Naruto's distraction and how his hand was able to absorb the jutsu.
In the Hokage's office, Boruto calls out Naruto for using a scientific ninja weapon, having previously considered it cheating when Boruto used them. Shikamaru reminds Boruto that testing the tool was the goal of the match. Naruto tells him that this is one of Katasuke's prototypes, inspired by the most recent conflict with Ōtsutsuki, but they were only able to make him absorb the jutsu, not release them like Momoshiki. Sasuke blames Boruto for not understanding the situation, that it's not the device itself, it's the circumstances of its use. Sasuke says that the Ōtsutsuki proved that the crisis in the world is still not over.
Elsewhere, Konohamaru arrives at the crash site of the airship, Horse, and not noticing any signs of survivors, decides to investigate inside. He finds an empty container and his radio goes out. Another shinobi asks Konohamaru about this and Konohamaru has a bad feeling about it. Someone is approaching the crash site.

 At Denki Academy, he fails the exercise of walking on vertical surfaces. His friends advise him. Denki is distraught as this is the first time he has not been able to pass the test and is afraid of repeating the Academy as Iwabee, leading to embarrassment when Iwabee hears him.

Denki later tries to climb the wall and is approached by Metal, who offers to help him with his training. Metal leads him to climb rocks. Denki loses his footing but Rock Lee catches him as he falls. Iwabee struggles with arithmetic despite having help from Boruto. Inojin and Shikadai conclude that Denki would be a better teacher, but Iwabee finds it unlikely that he would consider learning from him after his earlier comment.

Denki spends the day failing to climb with Metal and Rock Lee. Iwabee gets a low score on the test and notices that Denki is still trying to climb the wall. Iwabee offers him advice on how to climb the wall, and Denki improves. Later, Denki questions why Iwabee helped him despite his earlier remark. Iwabee lost all his friends when they graduated without him, and he doesn't wish that on others. Denki offers to tutor him, but Iwabee claims that he is also studying. Denki sees his low test score and Iwabee admits that he doesn't want Denki tutoring him if it interferes with Denki's own training. Denki reveals that meeting Boruto changed his mind about ninjutsu, he now wants to be a shinobi like them and also with Iwabee. Both decide to help each other. As Iwabee struggles with his studies, Denki decides to let him study while pouring chakra into him to stick to the ceiling, as it improves his concentration.

On the day of the test, Denki and Iwabee come to a burning building. Iwabee goes inside when he hears a woman in the building despairing over her children. Denki thinks that a building like this should have a sprinkler system and finds it unusual that it doesn't activate. Iwabee has to block the exit to keep the fire from reaching him and the kids and starts working on the wire box. At the Academy, Boruto worries that the two won't show up. Worried about Iwabee, Denki climbs up the side of the building and enters through the window. He finds Iwabee's earth wall just as Iwabee finishes fixing the sprinkler system. They both take the children and climb down the side of the building. Boruto asks Shino to wait for Denki and Iwabee. Those two will be late.

In Shino's office, they explain why they were late. Shino decides that they won't pass the test, as the tests are used to make sure they have the skills and knowledge in case something real happens, which they just did, prioritizing human lives over the test. Shino hands over the two. Their friends congratulate them.