Boruto Manga Chapter 15

Boruto Manga Chapter 15 Colored    

Boruto Chapter 15 – The Supporting Shadow!!


Tento and Boruto rejoice that their plan to distract and then attack Shojoji worked, but it is short lived as he recovers from the attack. Intrigued by Boruto's strength, he vows that his death will be painful if he eats him. Realizing that his opponent has been badly beaten, Boruto prepares another Rasengan to finish him off, but the seal in Boruto's right palm activates it to prevent chakra from forming, leaving him in pain. Shocked, Shojoji momentarily believes that Boruto is a member of "a certain group", but soon realizes that he is not, and prepares to attack the duo once more, only to be stopped by Mitsuki and then knocked unconscious by Sarada's kick. Boruto is happy to see them, but also worries about the mission they have been assigned. Both Sarada and Mitsuki tell him that he can make it up to them by buying them coffee and sandwiches, which Tentō is happy to pay for.
Back in Konohagakure, Konohamaru praises his team for rescuing Tentō, but advises them to prepare for the consequences of abandoning their original mission. Ikkyu and Tentō soon meet, and the young man declares that he wants to become a strong person who can support him. Before the daimyo and his delegation leave the village, Boruto returns the card Tentō gave him and ends up going to a store to buy a pack of trading cards, but doesn't get the one he wants. Sarada tries her luck and gets a super rare Orochimaru card, which leads to the team finding out that Orochimaru is Mitsuki's father. Elsewhere, Ibiki Morino and Sai Yamanaka prepare to interrogate the captured Shojoji and call Sasuke Uchiha for help with the reluctant prisoner. Fear of the famous shinobi quickly causes Shojoji to reveal what he knows about the seal in Boruto's palm and the seal-seeking organization called "Kara". At the same time, he meets Kara, who has been gathered by their leader, Jigen.

 In the weeks after the ghost incidents ended, Boruto wonders why his eye stopped activating. Naruto, Sai and Shikamaru walk through the village and are happy that everything is back to normal. Sai informs them of the role the Academy students had in stopping Sumire. Shikamaru assumes that keeping Sumire at the Academy could lead to trouble.

Shino informs his students that they will be put into new teams of three to see how well they fit after graduation. Sarada questions Sumire's long absence. Mitsuki again insists on partnering with Boruto, but they are missing a third member as Iwabee and Denki are already partners, as are Shikadai, Chochō and Inojin. Iwabee has already asked Sarada to be on his team, Boruto is considering asking Lee, and Mitsuki wants Sumire to be on their team. Boruto silences him as the others are unaware of Sumire's involvement in the incidents.

Shino asks Iruka what will happen to Sumire and insists that he will keep an eye on her if she returns. Boruto is surprised to see Naruto home early. They discuss Sumire. Shino visits Sumire and offers to set up a place outside the village where she can find herself. Inojin tells Shikadai and Denki that his father obtained the files on other villages' academies and states that Sumire is transferred. Shino has the students grab the flag again. When he gets word of Sumire, he steps out. With Mitsuki's help, Boruto manages to reach the flag. Sumire returns and is moved by everyone's reaction.

Naruto sends a shadow clone to meet Sasuke and gives him a scroll about the Gozu Tennō, which Sasuke attributes to Kaguya, believing it will make it easier to reach her dimension. When Naruto asks him to come to the village for a while, Sasuke asks Naruto to tell Sakura he's sorry and leaves. Toneri foretells the coming of the gods. Kinshik informs Momoshiki about the abnormalities in Kaguya's world and Momoshiki decides to prepare to leave.