Boruto Manga Chapter 14

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Boruto Chapter 14 – Teamwork!!

Boruto Manga Chapter 14 Summary

Shojoji recognizes Boruto as the son of the Seventh Hokage and sends his subordinates to deal with him. However, Boruto easily dispatches all the bandits present, leaving Shojoji to deal with him alone. As Shojoji moves, Tentō calls out to Boruto to be careful not to get eaten. Taken aback by the seemingly strange warning, Shojoji is almost able to surprise Boruto with his deceptive speed. As Boruto soars into the sky, he once again narrowly avoids being eaten by Shojoji before questioning if his opponent was truly human. As Shojoji advances towards Boruto, he attacks with the Uchiha-style "Lightning" Technique: Triple, which Shojoji repels with his Wind Release: Shield of the Wind Count technique. After his Rasengan is also deflected, Boruto deploys a smoke bomb, using the added cover and his shadow clones to land an attack that Shojoji failed to perceive. However, he is captured and as Shojoji begins to break his neck, Tentō intervenes and attacks Shojoji with a shuriken. This diversion buys enough time for Boruto to attack Shojoji with his Rasengan and defeat him.

 Kakashi discovers that Nue is not summoned like other animals. Naruto tries to sense it using Sage Mode but to no avail. Naruto, Sai and Kakashi discuss finding the jutsu caster who must also be in another dimension. Denki, Shikadai and Inojin search for Boruto. Shikadai notices something strange in the sky. In Nue's home dimension, Boruto follows a source of dark chakra to a tree stump, where Nue attacks him. Boruto strikes back and manages to stab Nue in the face. Boruto suddenly sees Nue's chakra web, a protruding spot at the base of his tail. Nue attacks while Boruto is confused by what he sees, but Mitsuki saves him and tells him that Nue is attacking on Sumira's orders. Boruto has Mitsuki stall Nue and prepare many explosive kunai tags. He stabs Nue at the base of his tail and sets up explosive tags, causing the strong ropes above to fall onto Nue. Mitsuki hits the downed Nue with a lightning release, but Sumire blocks it with her water release. Boruto and Mitsuki ask her if there is any chance she will voluntarily back down. Confused by them, Sumire explains that although her father served the village, he was considered a criminal after the war for getting involved with Root. All the fear and anxiety of living in hiding caused her mother to die of an illness. Sumire trades attacks with Mitsuki. Boruto stands between them and tells them to stop and is injured. He is not convinced that Sumire has really been faking all her interest in her classmates since meeting her. Mitsuki is surprised by Boruto and adds that Sumire mentioned wanting to end things quickly at the hospital. Boruto sees her dark chakra grip dissipate. Boruto deduces the reason why the spirit affected those who were troubled was because Sumire herself was troubled, making it easier to infect like-minded people. Sumire orders Nue to draw out what's left of her chakra and blow herself up. Nue just nudges her gently and Boruto concludes that even though Sumire was raised as a weapon, he sees her as his parent. Boruto tells her that she doesn't have to use Nue as a weapon like her father used to. The Gozu Tennō on her back shatters, causing the accumulated chakra to become unstable and the place to begin to collapse. The three rush to leave, Nue protecting them from the unstable chakra. Boruto is able to see where the rift is and the three of them escape the dimension. Sai arrives with the Konoha shinobi. He feels sorry for Sumire and offers to help her. Accepts. Boruto sees that there is still a connection between her and Nue. The five jump on the oncoming train as they are late for the Academy.