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The group discusses how to deal with Ao. Konohamaru wants to force Ao to use his arm absorbing jutsu with ninjutsu to create a blind spot from which to attack him. Katasuke points out the brief moment it takes for an absorption sphere to form on the arm, which Konohamaru wants Borutoto to use to absorb Ao's own jutsu bullets while he goes for the final strike. Boruto wants to use the chakra katana provided by Katasuke, but collapses from consuming the chakra. Boruto will have to activate the katana at the last possible moment. Katasuke makes adjustments to Boruto's arm absorbing jutsu. Their strategy is decided. While on the road, Ao is approached by Kashin Koji, who questions Ao's commitment due to the escape of the others. Ao assures him that just like the scientific ninja tools that keep him alive, he is also a tool of Kara. Kashin Koji is happy to hear this and warns Ao of the Konoha shinobi's intention to defeat him, including that he has developed a strategy. He is more interested in the possibility of them getting the ship and emphasizes that this is his mission. As Ao approaches the ruins where the Konoha-nin have regrouped, he attacks the hidden Mitsuki with his ninja science tools. Mitsuki attacks Ao with Lightning Release and Konohamaru and Sarada attack with Fire Release. Ao notices that they don't care about consuming chakra as he absorbs their attacks and concludes that they are a distraction for Boruto's attack. Boruto strikes with a chakra katana from above, but Ao blocks it with his own chakra blade, knocking Boruto back, bringing up Boruto's chakra katana and using it to stab. Ao tells Boruto that he missed his attack, but Boruto denies it and grabs Ao's arm so he can't let go of the chakra katana. Mitsuki reaches out and further wraps Ao's arm. Stabbed, Boruto Ao disappears, he is a shadow clone, and Ao feels his power drain from the katana's chakra. Ao uses the tools in his other arm to force Mitsuki to release his grip. The real Boruto attacks and uses his own arm absorbing jutsu to counter Ao, leaving him free to land the Rasengan. Boruto uses Ao's own words about how tools are used against him.

 Shizune informs Sakura that Sarada went to see Naruto to meet Sasuke, Taka's photo caught her eye. Sakura hoped that Sarada wouldn't be dragged into Sasuke's conflicts. Meanwhile at Ridge Tower, Sasuke reaches out to Sarada, who calls him her father, stunning him. Naruto arrives with Chocho, Sasuke asks him why he brought the children with him. Chōchō wonders if Sasuke is the father he remembers. Sarada told Sasuke that she had heard that Naruto was meeting him, so she followed him to ask Sasuke if Sakura was her real mother. Sakura and Shizune discuss Sarada and how certain things about her father were kept from her, like he was once an enemy of Konoha. Shizune thinks that Sakura should trust Sarada more. Sarada calls out to Sasuke that he's never around and asks him about the woman with the glasses in the photo. His reluctance to provide informative answers sends her into a storm. Sasuke and Naruto recall when Sasuke left the village to search for threats related to Kaguya, knowledge of which was considered top secret. Shin's father proclaims the revival of Akatsuki to Shin and several copies of Shin. Chōchō offers Sasuke the chips to share with Sarada, but Sasuke finds out. Shin and his father attack Naruto and Sarada, but Naruto easily repels their attack. Sasuke deflects the weapons that Shin's father directs his way and holds Sasuke's sword for Shin to attack. Sasuke switches places with Shin and attacks them both with Fire Release. Shin's father fights back by putting Shin between himself and the fire. Shin's father also introduces himself as Shin Uchiha, who came looking for Sarada Shin remotely controls Sasuke's sword and uses it to stab Naruto. Naruto's chakra cloak dissipates and Shin can attack with his weapons again. Sasuke blocks them with his own body when Sarada is the target. Shin moves to take Sasuke's Sharingan, but Sakura punches him. Naruto restrains both Shins with his chakras with his hands, but while they are all distracted, Shin's creature teleports both Shins away and tries to take Sarada, but Sakura pushes her out of the way and is teleported in her place. Sakura finds herself surrounded by other Shin in their base.