Boruto Manga Chapter 78

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Boruto Manga Chapter 78Summary

 The chapter opens and everyone panics as Naruto and Hinata's chakra has disappeared. Shikamaru asks eida to confirm if it was Kawaki and eida says yes! Boruto can't believe it and runs to the scene! Eida casually drops the bomb, "judging by the way he was talking to Naruto, I'm afraid Boruto is planning to kill you again"! Sarada says, “What do you mean, 'kill him again?'” Sarada decides to go after Boruto! She can't leave him knowing he's in danger.

Kawaki attacks Boruto and confirms that what happened to Naruto and Hinata was his doing. He goes on to say that they are in a dimension where time has stopped so they "don't age or starve" but "boruto will never see them again"!! Kawaki starts attacking Boruto! Boruto tries to talk Kawaki out of it, but Kawaki says that Boruto must die because he is Ōtsutsuki! The fight between the brothers begins…! Kawaki thought he was going for the final blow, but Boruto lets loose his rage and says "You can talk it out you bastard" (you see he was able to put it in another word) All hell broke loose...!! Enter Sarada! And he also tries to stop Kawaki…but Kawaki won’t stop and says that if he gets in his way “he will die too” boruto asks sarada to run because Kawaki will kill her but sarada says… “As the future Hokage. .. how could I let that happen!!" KAWAKI PREPARES TO KILL SARADA WITH HIS NEXT ATTACK: "As I shinobi are doomed to an early death"!! BORUTO SAVES SARADA FROM KAWAKI SLASH, BUT.. , BORUTO HAS A SCAR! REPEAT BORUTO HAS AN EYE SCAR!

Shikamaru, Konohamaru, and Mitsuki all enter the scene! Shikamaru shackles Kawaki with shadow paralysis and mitsuki wraps his arms around him! But GUESS WHO'S COMING TOO... THE GOAT IS BACK!! SAUKE HAS A GREAT ENTRANCE! “He's above KAWAKI. I'M SORRY, BUT IF YOU OBJECT, I HAVE TO KILL YOU!!" Momoshiki wakes up and helps Kawaki...??? He tells Kawaki to run, Boruto is no longer in control - it's all momoshiki's doing. THEY ARE ALL MOMOSHIKI SAYS TO BORUTO: "You lost that boy…BLUE EYE”!!The chapter ends here! momoshiki. EVERYONE IS CONFUSED!! MOMOSHIKI SAYS TO BORUTO: " You lost it little boy…BLUE EYE”!!The chapter ends here!

 In the contemporary installment of the Boruto manga 78 takes readers on an motion-packed and unpredictable adventure. The bankruptcy opens with an excessive battle between Boruto and Code, the state-of-the-art villain brought within the series. Code, a member of the Kara agency, proves to be an impressive opponent for Boruto along with his powerful curse mark and capacity to manipulate space-time. As the two clash, Boruto is forced to faucet into his very own curse mark and utilize his growing abilities as a vessel for Momoshiki, the Otsutsuki clan member who has taken over his body.

Meanwhile, the rest of Team 7 and Kawaki are going through their own challenges as they are attempting to shield the village from the chance of the Ten-Tails, a large and detrimental beast managed with the aid of Code. With the help in their allies, Shikamaru and Kakashi, they come up with a plan to sluggish down the Ten-Tails and buy sufficient time for Boruto to defeat Code.

But matters take a turn while Code exhibits his true goal - to extract the sealed Otsutsuki clansmen from within Kawaki's frame. This stunning revelation sends a wave of panic through the organization, especially for Kawaki who has been desperately looking to distance himself from his Otsutsuki roots. The team need to no longer only defeat Code and the Ten-Tails but additionally discover a way to protect Kawaki and prevent the Otsutsuki from escaping.

The battle intensifies as Boruto and Code maintain to change effective blows, every one pushing themselves to their limits. Boruto, struggling to govern his very own internal turmoil and the overwhelming energy of Momoshiki, makes a volatile circulate that leaves him inclined. It is on this moment that Sarada steps in to guard her teammate, unleashing her newly obtained Sharingan to its full ability.

But simply because it looks as if Boruto and his buddies may additionally have the top hand, Code unleashes a devastating attack, inflicting the complete battlefield to collapse beneath them. In a cut up 2d decision, Kawaki sacrifices himself to shield the others, inflicting a heartbreaking moment for the team. As they mourn the loss of their comrade, Boruto is filled with willpower and a new feel of reason, vowing to defeat Code as soon as and for all.

The chapter ends with an epic showdown among Boruto and Code, with each fighters unleashing their full strength. As the destiny of the village and the sector hangs inside the stability, readers are left on the edge in their seats, eagerly anticipating the outcome of this exciting warfare. What becomes of Boruto and his buddies? Will they be capable of stop Code and defend Kawaki? And what effects will their actions have at the future of the ninja international? The solutions to these questions and greater watch for in the next installment of the Boruto manga.