Boruto Manga Chapter 77

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 The chapter opens with Amado revealing to Naruto and Sasuke that he has a way to defeat Isshiki, but it would require sacrificing someone with Otsutsuki blood. Sasuke immediately thinks of Boruto, but Naruto refuses to accept the possibility. However, Amado says that he has another solution that would not involve sacrificing anyone, but would require Naruto and Sasuke to form the Rasengan together.

Meanwhile, Ishiki has regained consciousness and is ready for Naruto and Sasuke to arrive. However, he notices that his powers are waning and realizes that he only has a few minutes left to live. He decides to use his remaining power to take Kawaki as his vessel and transfer his powers to him.

As Ishiki approaches Kawaki, Naruto and Sasuke attack him with a combined Rasengan, but he only manages to slightly knock him back. Isshiki then uses his powers to shrink Kawaki down to microscopic size and transport himself into Kawaki's body.

Now in control of Kawaki's body, Ishiki taunts Naruto and Sasuke, saying that he will kill them and then destroy Konoha. However, Amado reveals that he has implanted a special device in Kawaki's body that would allow him to remotely control Kawaki and activate a self-destruct sequence if necessary.

Amado activates a self-destruct sequence that causes Kawaki's body to explode, seemingly killing Isshiki. Naruto and Sasuke are relieved that the Isshiki threat has finally been neutralized, but are also saddened by the loss of Kawaki.

Afterwards, Naruto and Sasuke return to Konoha and inform the other shinobi of what happened. After being in a coma due to the tension of his fight with Isshiki, Boruto wakes up and is relieved to hear that the threat has been resolved. However, he is also saddened by the loss of Kawaki, whom he had become close to in recent months.

The chapter ends with a glimpse of a mysterious figure watching over the village, hinting at the possibility of a new threat on the horizon.

 Boruto Manga Chapter 77 has set the degree for an excessive and action-packed arc. The chapter begins off with Naruto informing Sasuke about the emergence of a brand new Ōtsutsuki clan member, who's headed toward the Hidden Leaf Village. This information comes as a surprise to Sasuke considering they had believed that they'd defeated all of the Ōtsutsuki clan participants, and the chance in their destruction turned into sooner or later over. However, it looks like they had been incorrect, and a new powerful enemy has emerged.

Meanwhile, within the confines of the Kara corporation, Jigen has gone through giant adjustments because of his consumption of the Ten-Tailed Beast. He has grow to be almost god-like, with substantial energy and manipulate over the cloth of space-time. It is apparent that Jigen is not the equal man they once knew and that he poses a grave chance to the Hidden Leaf Village. The level is set for an epic war between Jigen and our liked ninja heroes.

As Boruto and the relaxation of his team accumulate on the Hokage's workplace, they acquire a debriefing approximately the threat posed by means of the new Ōtsutsuki member, Code. It is discovered that Code is attempting to find a manner to unlock the karma seal, to be able to furnish him titanic strength and doubtlessly make him invincible. This news sends shivers down the spines of our heroes, as they consider the huge energy and destruction that become resulting from Isshiki Ōtsutsuki.

The anxiety and anticipation preserve to upward push as Code reaches the Hidden Leaf Village, along with his eyes set on Boruto and Kawaki. He makes his intentions clear, that he's going to prevent at nothing to release the karma seal and whole his mission. As Boruto and Kawaki prepare for the worst, our heroes additionally equipment up for battle, ready to protect their village and defend the young boys.

The degree is now set for an epic showdown between Code and our ninja heroes, with the destiny of the Hidden Leaf Village and the destiny of the arena hanging within the balance. The readers are left on the threshold of their seats, eagerly waiting to see how this war unfolds and how our heroes will conquer this seemingly unbeatable enemy.

One of the maximum exciting factors of this bankruptcy is the person development of Boruto and Kawaki. They have each come a protracted manner from their initial meeting, where they have been adversaries and now have fashioned a sturdy bond of friendship. This conflict not most effective poses a bodily hazard to these young boys but also an emotional one as they each have karma seals and are continuously haunted with the aid of the thought of potential destruction and the power they both hold within.

The art in this bankruptcy is likewise worth bringing up, as it superbly captures the depth and high stakes of the scenario. The fight scenes are exact and breathtaking, and the characters' feelings are depicted skillfully, adding to the tension of the chapter.

In conclusion, Boruto Manga Chapter 77 has set the stage for an epic and severe arc, with the hazard of a brand new Ōtsutsuki member and the capability destruction that includes it. The person improvement, the beautiful paintings, and the excessive stakes make this chapter a need to-examine for all Boruto fanatics, as we eagerly wait to look how our heroes will triumph over this new enemy and shield the village they name home.