Boruto Manga Chapter 50

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Boruto Chapter 50 – Potential Value


Boruto Manga Chapter 50

With all the hype the fandom had for the Boruto manga Chapter 50, 'Potential Value', after what happened last month, I have to say that reading the last installment was very frustrating. The creative team wasted panels on unnecessary recaps.

I thought 'Potential Value' was going to be an action chapter where Boruto, Naruto and Sasuke try everything to defeat Isshiki. And while we did get some great action sequences, the fun of it all was diluted by the flashback as well as the shift in focus to the conversation with Kawaki.

I rolled my eyes as I repeated to Amado the information we had already been given in previous chapters. Nothing new has been shared. That's why these particular scenes felt like filler to drag out the actual fight.

In the end we found out that for some reason Isshiki was unwilling to kill Boruto. I think readers would have noticed this on their own without wasting panels on Amado (and Boruto) stating the obvious. Like I said, the way the story telling was handled in 'Potential Value' was quite frustrating last episode. I'm not a fan of having a lot of "filler" panels in manga releases.

As for the main battle, it's clear that Boruto can't do anything unless Momoshiki decides to take over his body. Naruto and Sasuke tried to hit Isshiki. The two had lost their fight against Jigen badly, and Isshiki was stronger compared to when he was using Jigen's body, so seeing him throw Naruto and Sasuke around made sense.

Boruto acting as a shield to save Sasuke's life was a nice moment. Since Isshiki was unable to kill the young ninja, let's see how Sasuke and Naruto use this information to stop Isshiki from getting close to Kawaki.

I'm also looking forward to learning why Boruto is safe from Ishiki. Doesn't he want to kill Boruto because Momoshiki might show up? Is Otsutsuki forbidden to kill another clan member?

I also have to say that I still can't care for Kawaki. I don't think there is enough creative time behind the Boruto manga to feel sorry for random characters. And seeing a poorly written random character like Kawaki take away screen time from others (especially Salad and Mitsuki) doesn't help.