Boruto Manga Chapter 49

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Boruto Chapter 49 – Prepared

Boruto Manga Chapter 49

While 'Ready' offered an enjoyable chapter in the Boruto manga series, I understand that it ended up disappointing some fans.

When the previous chapter of the manga showed Isshiki hovering over Konoha, many fan theories surfaced online. There have been videos and blog posts about what Isshiki will be doing. Many thought that he would destroy the entire village to force Naruto to hand over Kawaki. Other fans started talking about scenarios that would allow ninjas from the older generation to fight Isshiki.

I personally wanted to see ninjas like Rock Lee, Kakashi, Might Guy and Sakura get a chance to face Isshiki while Naruto and Sasuke protect Kawaki or arrive at the scene. I would also be fine with Naruto or Sasuke teaming up with another powerful ninja to try and stop the massive threat. But none of that happened. The current battle ended with Naruto, Sasuke and Boruto participating. Sigh!

I wonder if the current Boruto manga will ever allow the older generation (besides Naruto and Sasuke) to shine for a moment. Naruto featured some amazing sequences involving older ninjas. I'm still crossing my fingers that Boruto will allow certain characters to do something. I would love to see the previous team of 7 (Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura) work together again.

As for what happened in the last chapter, 'Ready' showed Isshiki trying to find Kawaki. Even though he had the Byakugan to see through walls, the process was akin to looking for a needle in a haystack, and Isshiki had no time to spare.

I don't know about you, but I dig Isshiki's politeness. He doesn't kill unless he has to. Also, kudos to the random shinobi who attacked Isshiki. While at least it did nothing, random shinobi didn't freeze in front of such an enemy.

Another moment I liked involved Naruto trying to intimidate Isshiki. I laughed when Naruto told Isshiki that he had many excellent shinobi in the village and that Isshiki should leave them alone. It didn't work, but I don't blame Naruto for trying.

"Ready" gave us some interesting character-focused moments between Sasuke and Boruto. Our young hero said that even though he was afraid of death, he would not hesitate to put his life on the line to protect others.

Boruto is clearly worried about Momoshiki's Karma Seal. Losing control of his body could mean hurting those he loved. In a sense, Boruto's battle against Momoshiki was similar to Naruto's battle against the nine-tailed beast that was sealed within him. However, while Naruto was able to befriend Kurama, I don't think Boruto will be able to befriend Momoshiki.

While the whole chapter had a serious tone, I think the most serious moment came when Sasuke told Boruto how he wouldn't hesitate to kill the young hero if Momoshiki was able to take over his body. Sasuke knew that Naruto would not be strong enough to make such a decision. So will Sasuke have to fight a Momoshiki possessed Boruto? Well, I wouldn't say no.

The last few pages of this chapter involved Sasuke surprising Isshiki. Sasuke's entrance was pretty cool. He then proceeded to throw his sword at Isshiki, who turned out to be Boruto in disguise. I liked Boruto's plan to teleport Isshiki away from the village so that Sasuke and Naruto could fight the enemy without having to hold back. With Boruto offering support, we'll see if the well-known Hokage and Uchiha are capable of hurting Ishiki.