Boruto Manga Chapter 37

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Boruto Chapter 37 – United Front!!

Boruto Manga Chapter 37 Summary

 Although the front cover of the latest chapter of the Boruto manga titled 'United Front' featured Jigen and Boruto, the two are yet to meet. However, we enjoyed the exciting fight between Jigen, Sasuke and Naruto.

One of the things I didn't like about this manga series is how the writer Ukyo Kodachi seems to unnerve Naruto to raise the stakes. His fight with Delta didn't make sense, especially since Naruto didn't create a single clone to get the kids to safety. Also, with the battle taking place in Konoha, it was clear that Naruto would not be able to unleash his full power due to the collateral damage. Therefore, it was a pleasant surprise when the 'United Front' decided to change the battlefield for Naruto's encounter with Jigen.

Jigen used his dimension skipping ability to teleport himself and Naruto to a new dimension. The change in scenery allowed Naruto and Sasuke (who was able to follow Naruto) to fight Jigen without any restrictions. Still, don't think that Boruto's trend of using plot contrivances has ended this month. I have no idea why Naruto and Sasuke didn't unleash their full power right from the start. They both know that Jigen is a dangerous being. So why give him time to retaliate?

Why didn't Sasuke activate his Perfect Susanoo? Why didn't Naruto wrap himself in a gigantic body of nine tails chakra? Maybe they will do that in the next chapter? We'll see. I just get tired of seeing extremely powerful characters held back to drag the story along or (forcefully) make their encounter with an enemy intense.

I loved seeing Naruto and Sasuke work exceptionally well together to defeat Jigen. Now if only we could fight the entire Team 7 (Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura).