Boruto Manga Chapter 36

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Boruto Chapter 36 – Surprise Attack


 This manga chapter of Boruto titled 'Surprise Attack' showed that Jigen is not a very patient person. I also can't wait for Sasuke to return to the village.

In the previous chapter of the manga, we were given a lot of information to try and understand. Our main characters seem to be just as confused by what is going on as the readers. I'm not sure what Jigen's ending is, but it's pretty obvious that he needs Kawaki.

As far as I can tell, the latest chapter picks up right where the previous one left off. Boruto and Mitsuki continued on their journey to meet Tsunade and talk to her about the Byakugo no Justu, while Salad tried to find her mother (Sakura) to get more information about the medical ninja's forehead seal.

Boruto sensed something was wrong when he, a very capable ninja, lost his balance while jumping through the forest. His karma began to spread. So of course he and Mitsuki decided to go back because the tag didn't work unless Boruto was in battle or near Kawaki.

Lettuce found Sakura buying flowers at Ino's shop. I really liked the scene where Sakura and Ino were talking about Sasuke's return. I appreciated Ino sharing her feelings about Sakura's married life. I don't think it's ideal considering Sakura and Sasuke's history together and also the fact that Sasuke isn't home much. However, Sakura doesn't have much of a choice in the matter as she understands that Sasuke needs to stay away from the village to protect it from incredibly dangerous threats.

I was hoping that 'Suprise Attack' would give us details on the Byakugo no Jutsu. All we learned was that it was from the time of the Sage of the Six Paths. Some fans remember that Mito Uzumaki had a similar seal on her forehead. I'm also surprised that Sakura hasn't started learning the Byakugo no Jutsu considering it takes years to store the chakra to create a seal. In my opinion, Sakura should also teach her daughter some medical Ninjutsu.

Anyway, things went awry when Jigen teleported inside Naruto's house. Yes, it turns out that Jigen can use Kawaki's mark to instantly appear in the boy's place. Jigen's appearance even surprised Kashin Koji. As for fans who think Koji is working against Jigen, this manga chapter supports that theory.

I'm looking forward to Naruto fighting Jigen. But I wouldn't be surprised if the creators decide to Nerf Naruto since he will be fighting in the village. I want to see Naruto go all out without worrying about collateral damage. He's also keeping his fingers crossed for Sasuke to lend some help.

The only thing I didn't like about 'Surprise Attack' has to do with how Sakura chose not to run to help Naruto. I understand that Naruto told Ino that he would handle the situation, but come on, Sakura should at least be present somewhere near the scene in case her Team 7 member needs any medical attention. It's not like Sakura was getting in the way. She is basically immortal. He can handle whatever happens.