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Naruto switched into tailed beast mode and blocked Momoshiki's attack. He decided to use the Tailed Beast Ball but changed his mind. Boruto asked why he was doing this, and Sasuke explained that Naruto could only break the attack, but if he did it would destroy a lot of land around him. Momoshiki saw Naruto's success as proof that he was a bad person. Naruto fought with all his might as Boruto remembered Sasuke's words about Naruto's previous battles. Boruto wakes up in the hospital where everyone was taken after the attack. He saw his older sister Sakura with Himawari next to him. Sakura explains that Hinata was injured trying to stop Momoshiki and Kinshiki from eating Naruto. Boruto ran out of the hospital in pain and fell on the equipment for the first time. When he saw that she was still wearing the Kote, he angrily took it off and threw it in the trash. He went to the Hokage's office and remembered his criticisms of Naruto earlier. He found Naruto's old shirt and put it on, feeling like a loser. Sasuke agreed with him. Sasuke points out the similarities between Boruto's current situation and Naruto's situation when he was his age, leading Boruto to ask Sasuke what Naruto was doing at the time. Sasuke believed that Boruto was beginning to overcome his weaknesses. Sasuke told Boruto to ask Naruto because Sasuke could still feel his chakra. Boruto asked Sasuke why he cared about him, and Sasuke replied that he was his student. Sasuke says Boruto is a strong ninja, but Boruto has doubts. Sasuke stated that he was Naruto's son, that he trained under Sasuke, and that he was a bigger loser than Naruto. Boruto asked what he meant, and Sasuke explained that Boruto hated losing even more, not wanting to give up or back down. The other Kages can help save Naruto. Gaara says Boruto looked like Naruto back then, but Sasuke points out that something was missing. Sasuke used his Rinnegan to open a portal on the roof of the school and Naruto was taken away. Sakura, Hinata, Saada and Mitsuki came to see them off. Boruto placed Sasuke's forehead protector and reminded Hinata how similar he was to Naruto. Hinata tells him to protect his father and Sasuke says he's finally acting like a ninja. When Boruto entered the portal, he promised to return.

 Shino is the real ninja to have and it's time to see if Boruto and his friends will be there. To make him understand some facts. After all the developments of the past week, "The Last Lesson" still has a few loose ends to tie up, and overall Mitsuki and Shino have been given the necessary time to wrap up their past stories. good

Continuing from the previous episode, the episode with Shino lured Boruto, Shikadai, and Mitsuki into the forest with the intention of killing the disobedient students. Due to his blindness, Boruto soon realizes that Shino (like Metal and Denki before him) is not himself. The students realize that their abilities pale in comparison to those they know Shino and must take advantage of his angry state to defeat him. The battle in this scene carries a lot of emotional weight, especially during the final showdown, as Shino poses a greater threat than his previous enemies.

Their fight for survival is reminiscent of the "Death's Change" phase of the Chuunin Exams (on a smaller scale), and the show attempted to create unforgettable moments using the same reference as the original series' greatest hits . I was a little disappointed when I first saw that Shino's internal struggle from the previous episode was given up to this long battle, but it made sense for her character to appear as anger in her own form accordingly. The end of the episode brings him back, ending the mini-arc when he finally gains the respect of his students.

Miki, on the other hand, is still a mystery. While his classmates run for their lives, he uses his superior stealth and jujitsu to avoid the situation, seemingly more interested in tracking Boruto than the life-or-death situation in front of him. I was hoping to get some answers about her motivations in this episode, but the writers welcomed us and gave us enough information to support Miki as the main character. Shikadai seems to be the only character who sees Mitsuki's behavior differently, and I'm betting Mitsuki will get involved when the unseen evil emerges. >Everyone forgives Shino, the students think he's cool, and Naruto finally decides to investigate weird things. Everything about this is by the numbers and I was hoping for something a little more intense (for a moment I even thought the show was going to kill off Shino). I don't believe that killing off a character automatically makes the story better, but "All Is Forgiven" lacks a bit of impact in terms of its ending.

Considering this is the first story of the series, "The Last Lesson" focuses heavily on the descent. Shino's transformation from sad to angry didn't change his character, but it worked well and Miki got a chance to show off her fighting skills. fight, have good times. There's no resolution, this is the series' best story to date, and I hope these long-running stories become the standard for movies moving forward.