Boruto Manga Chapter 5

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Boruto Manga Chapter 5 Summary

Naruto disqualifies Boruto from the Chūnin Exams for using the Kote. Naruto says he'll talk later, causing Boruto to snap at him and ask if he'll have time, saying that if he actually taught him, things wouldn't have come to this point. Katasuke jumps in and tries to commercialize Kote. Kinshiki lands in the arena and hits the floor, severely damaging the structure. Temari, Sakura and Gaara start protecting the audience. Gaara tells Shinki not to try to fight the opponent. Kankurō pulls people away from falling debris with his chakra. As Naruto instructs Boruto to leave, Momoshiki stops and kicks him away. Sasuke rushes in to save Sarada while Mitsuki protects the child. Sasuke and Kinshiki exchange insults. Momoshiki ignores Boruto who tries to attack him with Fire Release from his Kote. Momoshiki absorbs it and Boruto tries to attack him with more jutsu from his Kote, all of which are also absorbed. Momoshiki moves to attack Boruto, but Naruto intervenes and takes him away. Shikamaru paralyzes Momoshiki and Kinshiki from afar with his Shadow Imitation Technique. Momoshiki also absorbs it. Sasuke informs Naruto who they are and that the contents of Kaguya's scroll were a warning of them and their intention to obtain the Chakra Fruit. Naruto urges them not to attack innocent people when he's the one they want. Cursing them as lesser beings, Momoshiki consumes the chakra pills and creates a massive attack with several jutsu he absorbed. Feeling responsible for empowering Momoshiki, Boruto creates a shadow clone to protect Sarada. Momoshiki throws an attack in their direction, but Naruto blocks it by showing Kurama's head out of chakra, as well as creating shadow clones to protect those still in the stadium. Sasuke lends Naruto his chakra. Momoshiki throws his full attack at the stadium. Naruto asks Sasuke to protect the children. Naruto is fully preparing for Momoshiki.

 Boruto tries to prove that he can be good at being called Konohamaru and steals the scroll from Konohamaru. Boruto tries to summon a creature and fails; Sarada points out how stupid Boruto is. Boruto quickly learns the rules of summoning, as a contract must be made with an animal. The boy and girl talk about what they want to name, which leads to an argument between the boy and girl because the boy wants a reptile and the girl wants a cute animal. This leads to another discussion. Although Shino tried to step in and stop the tension, it was clear that a line had been drawn between the boy and the girl.

Sarada comes in and scolds Boruto to stop causing trouble because their class has been named the least problematic class mostly thanks to Boruto. Tempers flare between the boys and girls, especially between Sarada and Boruto. Even the priest didn't know what to do.

Anxiety increases during lunch. Boruto and Sarada come to the restaurant and ask for the same thing: Yakisoba bread. Unfortunately there is only one. Boruto always had one, but today Sarada wanted one. I'm not sure if this is intentional or not. So why is there only one fried noodle? ChoCho bought them all.

Sarada manages to catch the last one when Boruto intervenes. This leads to a heated argument between Sarada and Boruto. It looked like they were going to have a real fight until Shino intervened. She started to get tired of the tension and fights between girls and boys. He said he created a war in which both groups could solve their problems once and for all. The winner will be able to command the other team.
War is their subject and the goal is to raise the flag to the top of the school by any means possible. This is a ninja inspired capture the flag game, but this capture the flag game also features a school gun. Boys and girls waste no time following the flag. We see boys and girls fighting and fighting in hilarious scenes. Boruto leads a group of boys, including Inojin, Shikadai, and Denki, while Sarada and ChoCho lead two different groups of girls.

Needless to say, the antics are really funny and the kids do dirty tricks like Inojin. Place a large, monstrous frog behind the girls. Iron Lee blocked the shuriken thrown at the children, but was hit by Sarada's superior shuriken throw.
Eventually a group of young men (Boruto, Inojin, and Shikadai) stay behind to fight against a large group of women led by Sarada and Jojo. The kids hide in a room full of notes while they formulate a plan. Meanwhile, the girls are separated and locked up. While Ino and Shikadai distract the girls, Boruto's clone throws Boruto and his summoning scroll onto the roof. ChoCho also went to the roof with Sarada and went to get the flag.

Boruto calls the animal from the letters, but he doesn't know what it is. The so-called Rescue Bridge came out of the roof. Boruto gives up on the idea of ​​capturing the flag and steps in to save Chocho with the help of Ino and Shikadai. The summoned creature is a huge wild animal similar to the one we've seen several times. He is a dark creature with red eyes and a snake tail.

Boruto apologizes to ChoCho for putting him in danger, and the rivalry between the girl and the boy appears to have diminished. Funny enough, the girls emerged victorious, with the most unlikely girl, Sumire, capturing the flag.

The episode ends with Shino gathering her class outside of school and giving them words of encouragement and support. Due to the damage caused by this class, the Academy had fallen behind them. It was very interesting how Shino tried to encourage his students. Finally we saw the silhouette of a child on the roof overlooking the classroom. Who is this new kid staring at them?

The most anticipated confrontation between Boruto and Code will take place in this episode. The last episode ends with Boruto introducing his new Rasengan Uzuhiko form. In this episode we will see his full form and powerful features. What Boruto and Eida tell throughout the episode reveals the mysterious workings of the Rasengan. Boruto successfully performed this move on Code, who was pushed away by an unknown jutsu.

As Boruto continues to ask Code to take him to the Ten-Tails, Code begins to sweat and stops breathing, unable to move because he was shot by Uahiko. When this attack intensifies, Kawaki joins the fight against Boruto. The two engage in an awkward conversation, and Cord takes the opportunity to flee the scene.

But Boruto marks Cord with a pigeon to spy on him and confirm the Ten-Tails' location. Sarada mentions the sacred tree created from the ground deep inside, not forgetting that Shikamaru killed Kawaki to fulfill the law.
Now that the rules are out of the way, Boruto may finally face Kawaki and their battle could be the highlight of the next episode. We can expect to see more of his adaptive abilities after the time jump. We also hope Boruto won't fight Kawaki and go to the Ten-Tails' house.