Boruto Manga Chapter 62

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 Titled 'Run-in', Chapter 62 of the Boruto manga made for a quick read due to its high amount of action, we still got some interesting information regarding Kawaki's intentions and plans for the Code.

The Boruta fandom had a lot of theories in the previous chapter of the manga about why Kawaki decided to run away from Konoha. I'm glad Kishimoto didn't keep us waiting too long to find out the answer. It turns out that Kawaki decided to find Code to ask him for a favor. Of course, Kawaki's plan was weak. But I think it depends on the sentiment.

After Code catches up with Kawaki (as instructed by Eida, as she was using her Senrigan to find out where Kawaki is going), "Run-in" showed the two finally meeting after Kawaki's betrayal. There was already bad blood between them as Code was jealous of Kawaki being Isshiki's perfect vessel. I enjoyed seeing Coda's hostile attitude towards Kawaki. Even though he promised Eida he wouldn't kill Kawaki, that didn't mean he wouldn't rough him up a bit.

During their confrontation, Kawaki clarified his true intentions and why he escaped from the Hidden Leaf Village to speak with Code. In my opinion, the main story did a good job of showing how helpless Kawaki felt at not being able to properly protect Naruto. Kawaki lost tremendous power once his karma mark disappeared. Amado offered Kawaki another mark of karma. However, Kawaki refused to accept Amado's offer. So the only viable option left in Kawaki's mind was to plead with Code to spare Konoha his wrath.

As I mentioned before, Kawaki's plan was weak. But I understood the reason for his decision. Kawaki was willing to let the Code kill him if it meant the Code would not harm the Hidden Leaf Village. Of course, Code just laughed in Kawaki's face. Honestly, I'd do the same thing if I were in Code's shoes.

Code's desire to seek revenge by killing those responsible for Isshiki's death was a personal matter. The original goal of the Kara organization remained unchanged. The code was still going to kill every life form on earth to grow the chakra fruit. Kawaki crawling at Code's feet did not deter Code.

The "run-in" code mentioned a piece of information that I think might come into play in the long run. As the divine tree extracts chakra from every life form to create a chakra fruit, you could survive by escaping to another dimension. Now, going back to the first chapter of the Boruto manga and going back into the picture, Elder Kawaki stated that he will send Elder Boruto to the same place he already sent Naruto. At the time, some fans theorized that this meant that Kawaki locked Naruto up somewhere instead of killing him outright. Since the Otsutsuki clan can teleport to different dimensions, the theory of Kawaki sending Naruto to another dimension (to protect him?) sounds feasible.

As for the rest of the 'Run-in', Boruto was upset that he was the only one who knew Kawaki was gone and left a Shadow Clone in the house. Even the sensory ninja stationed outside Naruto's house didn't listen to Boruto about Kawaki leaving a Shadow Clone behind as he could still sense both Boruto and Kawaki inside the residence. In the end, Boruto had no choice but to go straight to Naruto (who was still watching a romantic movie with Hinata downstairs) and plead his case.

I liked how Naruto trusted his son even if he was a bit wary at first. Boruto complained that he felt uncomfortable because he was under constant surveillance. In Naruto's mind, Boruto and Kawaki could be playing a prank on him. I understood Naruto's feelings because Kawaki running away made no sense. As Ino said, during her telepathic conversation with Naruto and Shikamaru, Kawaki seemed to be acclimating to his new life in Konoha quite well. His escape was definitely a surprise to the adults. Even Code initially attracted Kawaki by wanting to distance himself from the safety that Konoha offered.

Since Boruto reached Kawaki before Code could teleport him away, I'm looking forward to Boruto and Kawaki vs Code in the next chapter. Konoha's sensory unit should be able to detect Boruto's chakra signature outside the village. So I expect them to arrive at the scene soon enough. Or maybe only Naruto and Sasuke will show up because Code is a serious threat?

In that case, I'm also here for Sasuke vs Code. I want to see how strong Sasuke should be after he (probably) lost his Rinnegan to Momoshiki's attack when he took over Boruto's body. From what I remember, Amado mentioned that even if the Code had limiters on it, it should still be strong enough to beat Sasuke and Naruto one on one. Real battle is a great way to see Code's abilities and strategic thinking. Boruto and Kawaki shouldn't even stand a two to one chance against Koda. But we'll see what happens.

The state-of-the-art chapter of Boruto begins with the continuation of the extreme warfare between the Otsutsuki extended family and team 7. As Boruto and the others attempt to live to tell the tale in opposition to the powerful Momoshiki, they may be suddenly joined by way of Sasuke and Naruto, who were transported there by using Boro's karma seal. The two legendary shinobi fast make their presence recognized by way of launching a effective attack at Momoshiki, giving Boruto and the others a much-wanted respite. However, Momoshiki proves to be an impressive opponent as he resultseasily dodges their attacks and counters together with his superb powers. As the conflict rages on, we finally get a glimpse into Momoshiki's beyond and study his motivation for trying to reap humanity's chakra. It is revealed that he changed into as soon as a member of the Otsutsuki extended family who became continually seen as the weaker one as compared to his brother, Kinshiki. This experience of inferiority and craving for electricity drove him to betray his very own clan and in the end brought about his downfall. This perception into Momoshiki's man or woman adds a layer of depth to the villain and makes him a greater compelling and relatable antagonist. As the battle reaches its climax, each Sasuke and Naruto are pushed to their limits as they are attempting to find a weak spot in Momoshiki's competencies. Meanwhile, Boruto's karma seal starts to conform even further, giving him new powers that he struggles to manipulate. It is obvious that the stakes are excessive and the destiny of the shinobi international rests at the final results of this warfare. With lovely artwork and intense motion scenes, Boruto Manga Chapter 62 keeps readers on the brink of their seats and leaves them eagerly anticipating the next chapter. The finale of this epic conflict is positive to be a interesting and emotional rollercoaster so one can have a first-rate effect at the collection as an entire. So, let me inform you approximately Boruto Manga Chapter sixty two. This chapter become a total rollercoaster ride from begin to finish! We see Boruto going through off towards Code in an excessive struggle that honestly pushes both characters to their limits. The fight choreography is extremely good, with each move and countermove executed perfectly.

We also get a few foremost exhibits in this chapter, which includes the real volume of Code's powers and his connection to Kara. Not to say, we eventually get a glimpse into Kawaki's beyond and learn more approximately his tragic backstory. And simply when you think matters couldn't get any crazier, we are left with a jaw-losing cliffhanger that has fanatics anywhere eagerly watching for the next installment. Overall, Chapter sixty two is a need to-read for any Boruto fan seeking out action-packed storytelling and surprising plot twists.