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The 60 chapter of the Boruto manga opened with Shikamaru worried about the five villages still unable to find the Code. You know things are bad when even Shikamaru is scared. According to Sai, Code left his Claw Marks (which I'll get to in a moment) outside Hidden Leaf Village and other places as well.

Since Sai has teams of three patrolling each area with Claw Marks, I agreed with Shikamaru about the Codex forcing the good guys to spread themselves too thin. We know that Code and his crew will attack soon. A hidden leaf village with a shortage of ninjas (since most of them are on patrol due to Claw Marks) is advantageous for the Code. He's strong, but not "solo-an-entire-village-of-ninjas" strong.

Given how the anime honed in on certain narrative beats from the manga, I wouldn't be surprised if the Boruto anime team decided to actually show the handful of teams that found the Code's Claw Marks and also captured the Outer Kara members as Sai told Shikamaru about. Arresting the Outer Kara members could give Boruto's classmates a chance to shine. A lot of them haven't appeared in the anime series in a while. And I don't like that.

As for the Claw Marks, they were the leather looking bands we saw Code use to teleport himself or parts of his body. During Shikamaru's conversation with Sai and Ibiki, it is revealed that Code does not use space-time Ninjutsu the way Sasuke or the Otsutsuki clan do. Claw Marks work more like Minato’s Flying Thunder God Technique. As long as the Claw Mark is placed somewhere, the code can jump out of it at will. He can also make someone else teleport through Claw Marks if they get caught.

"Place to Belong" also gave us scenes between Code, Eida and Daemon. I don't know about you, but I think something is going on in the group. Even though Daemon Code wanted to tell how his 'Reflection' ability worked, Eida told her younger brother to keep quiet and not be so quick to reveal details about himself. It is obvious to Koda that Eida is hiding information from him. But she can't do anything about it because her magic ability is controlled by the Code. Code theorizes that Eida is hiding even more skills and I agree with him.

Thanks to this, we learned something about Daemon's abilities. Since the Code is unable to place a claw mark on a dangerous child, it's safe to assume that Daemon's "Reflect" ability is always active. So, even if you want to hit him with a surprise attack, you won't be able to.

Place to Belong Boruto manga issue 60 review
Code's Claw Marks missing the demon due to his "Reflection" ability in "Place to Belong" (Image: Boruto Manga Issue 60)
A number of fans have shared theories online about Daemon's unique abilities and how certain characters could defeat him. We know that physical attacks, scientific ninja tools and a number of Jutsus will not work against him. However, some fans believe that Genjutsu could be the answer, taking Daemon down or at least disorienting him long enough to land a critical hit.

If you ask me, I was thinking about Summoned Creatures. We know Daemon can deflect attacks from humans. But can it reflect the attacks and abilities of summoned creatures? I would like to know. I also feel like there's a good chance that Daemon's "Reflect" ability only works when Eida is near him.

Both cyborgs were in human-sized containers before the Code came to free them. So at least we know that Amado knows how to defeat Eida and Daemon, even if it means silencing them. He created them after all.

Speaking of Amado creating overpowered cyborgs, "Place to Belong" revealed that Amado is actually working on another cyborg to serve as an ally in the Hidden Leaf Village. While we saw the container of said cyborg, we were not shown their face. I wouldn't be surprised if the mysterious cyborg ends up being the next version of Delta or Kashin Koji.

 The much-awaited Boruto Manga Chapter 60 has finally been released, and fans are buzzing with excitement and excitement over what this latest installment has in store for us. In this chapter, we are taken on an exciting adventure as Boruto and his team continue to fight Isshiki, the powerful and mysterious leader of the Kara Organization. As a fierce battle rages between the two, we are treated to some impressive displays of power and technique from both sides, with Isshiki displaying his impressive ability to manipulate and compose real space time revealed. But as the battle progresses, we also see the emotional toll on our young ninja hero, as Boruto struggles to come to terms with the true nature of his karmic status and that of Isshiki As the stakes are raised and their fight reaches a crucial turning point , it becomes clear that the fate of the entire ninja -World lies on the shoulders of the young Uzumaki and his allies but the ruthlessly determined Ishiki is determined to achieve his nefarious goal, in the future seem more uncertain and uncertain than ever. And it’s during this moment of truth that we truly see Boruto’s character grow and develop, as he accepts his fate and faces his biggest challenge yet. Chapter 60 is an exciting and emotional rollercoaster that will keep readers on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting what the future holds for our favorite characters. The story continues to build towards an epic and climactic finale, and it’s clear with each passing chapter that Boruto’s manga is reaching new heights in terms of intensity and storytelling intelligence. 

Boruto Manga Chapter 60 Review

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share my thoughts on the latest chapter of the Boruto manga, chapter 60. This chapter was definitely a game-changer, with some great story changes and improvements that kept me sitting on my' the mouth of the seat.

First off, the art in this chapter was absolutely stunning. The action scenes were dynamic and intense, and the characterization was excellent. I really liked how the artist brought the story to life visually.

In the story, chapter 60 took some unexpected turns that kept me thinking until the end. Without giving away any spoilers, I will say that there is a surprising revelation that has me eagerly awaiting the next chapter.

Overall, I think chapter 60 was a fantastic addition to the Boruto series. This manga chapter had everything one could want: action, drama and suspense. Can’t wait to see where the story goes from here!

If you’re a fan of the Boruto series, I highly recommend checking out Chapter 60. It’s definitely worth a read!