Boruto Manga Chapter 46

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Boruto Chapter 46 – True Identity

 Boruto Manga Chapter 46

A lot happened in the last chapter of the Boruto manga and I was here for it all! 'True Identity' allowed Amado to give us some interesting information about what's going on with Boruto and how Isshiki got to Jigen.

While the pacing of the Boruto manga has caused some complaints from fans, I think everyone will agree that 'True Identity' was one of the best installments ever. It featured an energetic fight sequence as well as good plot development.

I will start talking about Kashin Koji. With Chapter 46 of the Boruto manga titled 'True Identity', fans thought they would finally find out who Kashin really is. However, this did not happen. Writer Ukyo Kodachi seems to be really milking the mystery of the reveal at this point. Here's hoping that when we finally learn Kashin's identity, it will be worth the wait.

Is he a clone of Jiraiya? Or is he the one? Who knows. We'll have to wait and see.

Kashin's fight with Jigen was very interesting. Since it was obvious that some of the chakra-based attacks on Jigen's Karma Seal wouldn't work, I really enjoyed seeing Kashin summon actual (natural) flames to hurt his opponent.

The title of the current chapter was about Isshiki's true identity and how Jigen came into the picture. Amado shared that Isshiki came to Earth with Kaguya. Their plan was to grow a chakra fruit. However, for some unknown reason, Kaguya betrayed Isshiki and left him near death. It was then that Isshiki was found by Jigen, an unfortunate monk.

Seeing Amado reveal how Isshiki shrunk to get inside Jigen's ear and start feeding on Jigen's body really hammered home the message that the Otsutsuki clan was created from parasites.

Another revelation we got in this chapter was about Karma's mark on Boruto. Now, there has been speculation in the Boruto fandom about how our young hero might make a deal with Momoshiki. However, "True Identity" made it clear that Boruto's situation was not similar to how being a Jinchuriki worked.

While Jinchuriki have the opportunity to befriend the tailed beast within them, Momoshiki was a true parasite. Since the Karma Mark was similar to a compressed data file, Momoshiki's data slowly spread throughout Boruto's body and continued to do so until Momoshiki took over Boruto's soul and erased the young ninja's existence.

So this removes how some fans thought Boruto could borrow Momoshiki's abilities to handle dangerous situations.

I am very interested in how Boruto could get rid of such a parasite from his body. Also, do you think the Karma seal storyline that has some connection to the Byakugou seal will be further developed?

Going back to Kashin's battle with Isshiki, I don't think Kashin could beat him. There is also the issue of the codex guarding the ten tails. As for my opinion, with Amado telling Naruto and Sasuke about how to kill Otsutsuki, I hope we get to see the two fight Isshiki while we're fully prepared.

And yes, I want Sasuke and Naruto to bring some backup. Sakura and Rock Lee should consider joining the fight, even if they stay back to offer support only. Sakura's punch was strong enough to break Kaguya's horn. So you know she should be able to deal some damage if Isshiki is limited enough. Sakura's ability to create shockwaves with her punches can also help block Isshiki's black bars as well as hit him when he shrinks.