Boruto Manga Chapter 39

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Boruto Manga Chapter 39 Summary

 After Jigen sealed away Naruto and Sasuke retreated to the village, I thought it would take some time for our heroes to regroup and come up with a game plan. But not! Kawaki and Boruto had something else in mind. You, Boruo, Kawaki, Salad and Mitsuki decide to go to the dimension where Naruto is trapped.

Like what? While it was an emotionally driven plan, it still made sense given what we know about our young heroes. There's no way Team 7 and Kawaki wouldn't try to save Naruto if given the chance. However, with Boro (one of Kara's members) already present in this dimension, I'm not sure how Team 7 and Kawaki will fare against him. Kara members are no joke. And I hope Kawaki and the others are able to figure something out so they at least don't die during the inevitable battle.

As for the adults, I understood where Shikamaru was coming from when he revealed that he never trusted Kawaki. But I also think he should have planned better. He is Shikamaru after all. Letting four young ninja escape his grasp was not a good sight.

'Proof' continued to tease that Kashin Koji was not who he seemed to be. Is he a good guy or does he want to take down Jigen for more nefarious reasons? I look forward to knowing the answer. Fandom theories include him being related to Jiraiya. He could be Jiraiya's son or even a clone.

Speaking of Jigen, his fight with Naruto and Sasuke really pushed his limits. If Naruto and Sasuke took some backup with them (Sakura or even Shikamaru) I think the two of them would be able to defeat Jigen. At least the good news is that Jigen has a limit... for now.

Jigen talked about Kawaki and Boruto having the potential to become powerful Otsutsuki. Apparently, Kawaki wakes up as the perfect Otsutsuki. With Kawaki being able to do what Jigen can do, does that mean Boruto can do what Momoshiki can do? I have a lot of questions.

The emotional punches in "Proof" involved Kawaki wanting to save Naruto because the Seventh Hokage was the only one who had ever been kind to him. Salad also talked about how she was jealous of Boruto and Naruto's relationship because Sasuke was missing from her life. Over time, she was able to realize that even though she and Naruto weren't related by blood, Naruto still considered her (and the rest of the village) his family.

As for my predictions for Boruto manga chapter 40 (coming out next month), I don't think Team 7 and Kawaki will be able to defeat Boro. After a good fight I think Sasuke will come to offer help. Fingers crossed he brings Sakura to fight.