Boruto Manga Chapter 30

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Boruto Chapter 30 – Face to Face!

Boruto Manga Chapter 30 Summary

 Fans are still trying to figure out Kashin Koji's true identity. While he was introduced as one of the villains, 'Face-to-Face' showed a different aspect of his personality. He seems to be watching over Kawaki and Boruto as if he knows the two young ninjas are destined for something big. I wouldn't be surprised if he turns out to be some sort of anti-hero, if not an ally. I still don't think he's a resurrected Jiraiya, but Kashin's connection to Jiraiya or even his clone might be something I can accept.

When it comes to setting the stage for an interesting battle, Delta is one impatient lady. It turns out that her body, similar to Kawaki's, also harbors scientific ninja tools. It was impressive to see her pull out a drone and then turn her legs into rocket boosters to fly. She is also super strong.

I was hoping the manga would give us a Delta vs Sakura fight. I wanted to see if Delta was as strong as Sakura or stronger. In terms of brute strength, Sakura is the strongest (so far). That would be a good fight. But I'm fine with Delta fighting it out with Naruto. Of course, Naruto can't go all out with his powers because he would destroy the village. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how Naruto can deal with Delta (an opponent who cannot hold his own).

 Shizuma's swordsmen collect the remaining swords from the vault, triggering the activation of several security puppets that destroy the swords. Kagura questions Shizuma's belief that he can bring about a revolution just by acquiring the swords, and Shizuma reveals that he has supporters connected to the daimyō of the Land of Water who disagree with Chōjūrō's moderate rule. After the revolution, Shizuma plans to install Kagura as Mizukage so that Yagura's blood will once again rule Kirigakure as a place that accepts him. Chōjūrō and Mei examine their message left in the safe. Chōjūrō deduces that Shizuma talked Kagura into giving them the key to the vault. He decides to impose an order on the situation and have them executed if they attack the villagers. Boruto and Sarada reach Chōjūrō and Mei, and Boruto tells him that Kagura went with the plan to be spared. Chōjūrō states that as a shinobi, Kagura knows the consequences of breaking the rules. Boruto suggests that they downplay the situation to an incident between kids who don't know. When Mei expresses disapproval, he implies that he will pass off the injury he received from Shizuma to cause a diplomatic incident. Chōjūrō agrees to let them deal with it, on the condition that he accompanies them and resolves the situation within a set time limit. Shizuma and Buntan think fondly of the upcoming conflict. Kagura is afraid of what he might do if Boruto intervenes. Iwabee goes for a walk after he and Denki notice Boruto's absence during the day. Boruto and Sarada ask Denki to come up with an excuse in case they are not present. Shikadai and Inojin find it sketchy and decide not to ignore it. Iwabee finds and pressures Tsurushi for information. Meanwhile, Mitsuki tells Suigetsu that she knows he was being watched. Suigetsu instructs Mitsuki not to get involved any further, lest Kirigakure learn of the connection between them. Suigetsu doesn't like having to stay hidden after being away from home for so long, and condemns the new group who call themselves swordsmen despite having no experience in war. Mitsuki decides to do whatever she wants. Shikadai and Inojin watch the exchange, but are discovered by Suigetsu. The situation gives Mitsuki an idea to deal with Shizuma and Suigetsu hands him the scroll. Shizuma's swordsmen try to destroy the monument, but are interrupted by Boruto, Sarada, and Chōjūrō. Shizuma intends to kill Chōjūrō and builds a barrier that he believes is better than Tsurushi. Hebiichigo stops Chōjūrō's movements with a wire. Ichirōta breaks the ground under Sarada with Shibuki and Buntan goes after Sarada. Hassaku and Hebiichigo express their grievances to Chōjūrō, who accepts some of their criticism, and also discusses Kagura. The two and Kyohō attack him. Ichirōta worries that the others will play too long, allowing reinforcements to arrive. Boruto, unable to see through the fog, doesn't notice Kagura approaching.