Boruto Manga Chapter 28

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Boruto Chapter 28 – Flowers

Boruto Manga Chapter 28 Summary

 The previous Boruto manga chapter I reviewed for this site was issue 24. The ones that followed this piece seemed to drag the story along. However, in 'Flowers' we saw the plot move forward and I wanted to write about it.

After Naruto decided to let Kawaki stay in his house (with Boruto, Hinata, and Himawari), it was obvious that Kawaki and Boruto would be at odds with each other. "Flowers" opened with Naruto taking Kawaki on a walk to find something that could help the young ninja become friends.

I liked how Salad decided to add in as well. I haven't seen her in previous chapters. What I don't miss is her inappropriate outfit considering she is a very young girl. I still don't understand why someone didn't tell mangaka Mikio Ikemoto to change clothes. Her previous outfit was functional. Her current outfit reeks of fanservice. And where is Mitsuki?

Anyway, 'Flowers' also addressed Kawaki's PTSD. As this is a manga series primarily aimed at children, I don't know how deep Ikemoto and Kodachi will delve into such a serious topic, but I'm glad they're showing Kawaki as a young character with an extremely troubled past.

I also liked how Salad told Kawaki that he shouldn't excuse his bad behavior by blaming his upbringing. Again, I don't know how or if such an issue will be addressed as the series continues. However, I hope the creators decide to show us Kawaki dealing with his PTSD in an informed way.

The last few panels of "Flowers" showed Jigen and Delta debating whether they should enter the Hidden Leaf Village. Ino's Yamanaka clan is revealed to be overseeing the chakra entering the village. Anyone not from the Hidden Leaf will trigger an alert when they enter the compound. So while Delta couldn't enter, Jigen continued.

That Jigen was able to enter the village without raising an alarm raises many questions. Is this someone who was born in the Hidden Leaf Village? Can he mask his chakra signature? There are also fan theories about him being Jiraiya reincarnated or a clone of a famous shinobi. Some even think he is Konohamara's father. Since Jigen is wearing a mask, he's probably someone we know, even if he's not Jiraiya or Konohamaru's father. I can't wait to know his true identity!

 Thinking how meeting Boruto has changed him, Kagura asks Chōjūrō for a test so he can get Hiramekarei. Chōjūrō is pleased and allows Kagura to retrieve the sword from storage. Suigetsu watches the storage building from afar. Kagura is training with Hiramekarei and calls Boruto to thank him for helping with the decision. The two are suddenly caught in water prisons by Shizuma. Shizuma plans to end Kirigakure's period of reconciliation and start a war by killing the Hokage's son. Shizuma claims that Chōjūrō and Mei are simply getting rid of people who don't agree with their policies and try to get Kagura on their side by pointing out how he suffered in the past. Kagura remembers when Shizuma stopped him from killing someone at the Academy, how he was shunned, and how Shizuma said at the time that there was nothing wrong with being a Blood Mist shinobi. Kagura continues to deny Shizuma, who claims that Chōjūrō is secretly ruthless, murdering dissidents and erasing both their surnames from monuments. Shizuma says Kagura belongs to him and shows the scar Kagura gave him long ago. Boruto starts to fight Shizuma, who first deflects his shuriken with her sword, but is forced to dodge when Boruto starts electrifying them. Shizuma has Buntandeflect instead of streaming Lightning Release with her own sword. Shizuma introduces his other allies, taking it as a sign of respect before killing Boruto. Boruto uses Wind Release to increase his speed, slipping past Shizuma's allies to stab him with a lightning-infused kunai, but Shizuma counters with Water Release. Kagura helps Boruto up and is shocked that Shizuma wants him to be the seventh member of his Blood Mist Swordsmen. Ichirōta points out how killing Boruto would end any talk of peace treaties and plunge the surrounding region into war. Kagura draws Hiramekarei and questions Shizuma, who confirms that she intends to create a just future and tells Boruto to leave. Hassaku thinks Kagura is naive, but Shizuma tells him that he asked instead of fighting them, and that they would be the ones defeated if Kagura fought seriously. Shizuma tells Boruto to inform his father that the war has begun and leaves with his allies and Kagura, who goes willingly. Boruto passes out and wakes up as Sarada treats his injuries. Sarada tells Boruto that she was able to find him because Tsurushi, who left Shizuma after he was beaten, told her where to find him. Sarada treated his wounds as well. Suigetsu watches as Shizuma's group heads to the warehouse where the shinobi words are and slips out before Mitsuki catches him there. Tsurushi tells Boruto and Sarada that Shizuma is using Kagura's guilt of hurting him in the past to manipulate him. Boruto is determined not to let the situation escalate. Kagura opens the sword safe for Shizumo and the others.