Boruto Manga Chapter 11

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Boruto Chapter 11 – A New Mission!!

Boruto Manga Chapter 11 Summary

Konohamaru relays orders to Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki over the radio. Boruto is absent in spirit, which Sarada comments on, but Boruto brushes it off. Boruto remembers talking to Sasuke about his new seal and talking to Momoshiki when time stopped, which Sasuke could sense thanks to his Rinnegan. Sasuke told Boruto that what was happening wasn't normal, that he should be on the lookout and let him know if anything changed while he investigated on his own. News reports of a Konoha bank robbery. One of the robbers from the Mujina Bandits is suddenly apprehended by Mitsuki with an extended hand. Sarada hits the other and trades a few blows before taking him down. She's not thrilled with them, even though the third bandit says he's nothing compared to their boss. The third bandit attacks her, Sarada blocks his attack, but he launches a poisoned blade, which Sarada tries to hold back. The bandit says he will take her corpse to his boss. Boruto arrives and kicks him, finding it unusual that he is fighting. Outnumbered, the bandit runs away and hides with a smoke bomb. Sarada notes that the plan is working as they can now trace him to his boss. However, because he didn't listen to the plan, Boruto doesn't let him escape and defeats him with the Rasengan, much to Sarada's chagrin. Sarada scolds him for not following the plan. Boruto wants to leave to meet Shikadai. Even though the plan doesn't work, Konohamaru still considers it a successful outcome. Ibiki reports to Naruto that Katasuke was being influenced by someone outside the village and is in great shock at the realization of his actions after being freed from control. Under this control, Katasuke also leaked information about Kote. Naruto left Ibiki and Sai to continue the investigation while Shikamaru deals with Katasuke. Mirai arrives and reports that Konohamaru's team has apprehended all three Mujin bandits in the village. They noticed that their boss Shojoji from their Bingo Book was not present. Shikamaru reminds Naruto of his meeting with the Fire Land daimyō that he had forgotten. On the way to Konoha, the daimyo's son Tentō shows him the young Naruto trading card he was given. The daimyo tells him that he has a meeting with the Hokage and instructs his driver to take care of his son in the meantime. After learning about the limit of three packs per customer, the son decides to buy the entire trading card store. Boruto, Shikadai and Inojin buy new packs, Boruto is upset that he got another copy of his father's rare card. Boruto decides to buy another deck and wants to find a specific card. Sarada is confused by the popularity of this card game. Metal Lee arrives to deliver the summons from Konohamaru to Boruto. Upon reaching the Hokage Mansion, Konohamaru introduces him to Tentō. Tentō assesses Boruto's outfit, expecting the Hokage's son to have a more flamboyant outfit. Konohamaru tells Boruto that he will be Tentō's bodyguard for the next few days while the daimyō is at a conference in Konoha. Taking an instant dislike to Tentō, Boruto does not want to take on the mission. However, Konohamaru informs him that the Daimyo himself requested it. He also tells Boruto in private that it's part of learning about what shinobi must endure. As Tentō starts ordering him around, Boruto tells Konohamaru that he really wants to beat him up. He replies that it's just another hardship and that he can learn from the experience.

 Boruto's class visits Sumire in the hospital. Wasabi and Namida thank her for saving them, but Sumire believes firefighters are nearby. Denki feels guilty because the apprenticeship was his idea even though Boruto only wanted him to learn something. Drawing attention to the frequency of attacks, Lee shared his experiences and thoughts. Upon arrival, he apologized profusely to Sumire and felt responsible for the incident. Try to talk to Boruto, who says that if the mail is sent, they will have a day to look and find some kind of water facility. Boruto arrives and when Boruto asks him to join the search, Naruto drags him into another room and reveals the attacker, Sumire, who is almost depleted of all her chakra. They argue about what Boruto should or shouldn't do. Shino says that he is in charge of the office, stating that if Boruto is treated like an adult, Boruto can teach them something they haven't seen, and Boruto knows that his teacher does both yes and no. To do. Naruto left the decision to Shino. Shino doesn't forgive them, but respects them for saving him first. Boruto and Shikadai return to the post office and are surprised when they ask them to send a letter. it affects them. While contemplating the delivery, Boruto senses the shadow clones advancing all the way, but his own clones decide that would take them too far. The trio delivers mail in the village. Sumire said goodbye to Wasabi and Namita and looked out the window as they left with their parents. March brought the latest news of attacks. There is evidence of further use on the surface. Sai wants to get involved in the investigation as soon as possible to find out whether Root is involved. Who is behind Root not pursuing the feelings he once had? After missing another attack, Boruto considers the possibility that the monster knows its ways. Shikadai enlists the help of his classmates to handle all the mail at once and asks Iwabei to bring rockets from his own experience to warn anyone who saw the incident. After they leave, Azuki, who kidnapped a man at the post office, is possessed by a ghost and begins destroying the post office. Boruto and the others arrived, leaving the office unattended, believing that all roads would be protected. As Boruto prepares to attack Komame, Mitsuki, Chocho and Lee chase after the man controlling the monster. Komame uses mail to attack Boruto and Shikadai from a distance, but Iwabei blocks it with a gun. Tayori defends a ball from Azuki's attack, and her devotion to the ball causes the demon to control Azuki, allowing Boruto and Iwabei to knock her out. The demon separates from Komame and disappears, while Boruto fires a blast at it. The masked man controls the monster to lose others. March saw him, but the two did not fight each other and March let him go. Komako is taken and Boruto takes the others to repair the post office. Some words related to the theft of chakra are used to awaken the Nue.