Boruto Manga Chapter 2

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Boruto Manga Chapter 2 Summary

Sasuke considers taking Boruto as a pupil if he can perform the Rasengan. Boruto is leaving, I'm sure he'll make it in no time. Sasuke recalls reporting to Naruto about the two people he found while searching for Kaguya's scroll, and assumes that they are also members of the Ōtsutsuki clan. The next morning, Boruto wakes up Konohamaru and asks him to teach him the rasengan, which he proudly accepts. While Boruto finds the training annoying, Sarada watches him. Soon, Boruto manages to create a Rasengan, albeit on a very small scale, but proudly shows it to Sasuke. However, Sasuke points out that it is not a Rasengan due to its size. This frustrates Boruto, causing him to throw away his Rasengan and storm off. Sarada arrives and tells Sasuke that he is being too strict and that Boruto's commitment to learning the Rasengan is unusual. Sasuke reveals that he intends to take Boruto as his apprentice when he notices the Rasengan damage on the tree. Boruto runs into Katasuke and tells him about his situation. To help solve his problem, Katasuke gives Boruto the Kote. Boruto decides to use his new tool to help him impress Sasuke. With the help of a Kote hidden under his jacket, Boruto shows Sasuke a regular-sized Rasengan. Even though Sasuke sees through the deception, he doesn't comment and eventually agrees to take Boruto as his apprentice. Boruto and Sasuke talk by the fire and Boruto asks Sasuke about Naruto's weaknesses, even as Sasuke gives Boruto a deeper look at Naruto. Later, Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki meet and intend to take the Chūnin Exams. Elsewhere, Momoshiki and Kinshiki defeat Assassin B, even turning his Tailed Beast Ball against him and taking Gyūki's chakra. The two detect more powerful chakra nearby and turn their attention to their next target, Kurama.

 What surprised me in this aspect was that it looked nothing like Naruto, reminding me of a clip from a slice of life anime. Educational montages and discussion sessions were replaced by lectures, textbooks and performances. I'm happy to see that the series has delivered on its promise to show us the new state of the ninja world in a way I never imagined.

But the time to build this world passed and the episode quickly turned into a more disappointing story about Boruto's first day. When he entered the classroom, it seemed like every student had something to say about him. One group of students said loudly that Boruto was getting special treatment, while another group said he was riding directly on his father's jacket (which would echo the displeasure all over the place). Boruto endures all the insults from the attack, but appears disappointed when he learns that the mysterious student beat him in the ninja time trial. It wasn't long before Boruto met a bully student named Iwabe. Boruto and Iwabe clash when he provokes Denki, and the two soon find themselves passing through the classroom to meet at the gym.

This "standing up to tyranny" story is like animated storytelling 101 and, unsurprisingly, every part of the story fails. The attack on Boruto's faith has gone on for so long that it's starting to lose all meaning, especially since he doesn't seem to care. He fights Inaba merely to fit into the hero role, and the fight (while fun at first) is over so quickly that nothing seems resolved. However, the students admired Boruto, whose honesty saved him from a war he could not win.

Boruto's first episode successfully convinced me that the series had a future, but this weak follow-up took some of the wind out of the sails. I know not every episode can be entertaining, but it's disappointing to see the show revert back to using tropes so quickly. I believe Boruto has the potential to be a likable hero, but a simple story like this doesn't make him likable.

Boruto returns with its second installment just a few weeks after the train crash. Boruto's suspension had ended and he was now spending his first day at the Ninja Academy. Luckily he has a few friends there named Denki and Shikadai, but we soon learn that he also has some enemies. As his name suggests, he is the son of Naruto and has great ambitions. Some think he rode the coattails with his father. Naruto tried to make friends with his classmates but was having a hard time doing so.

This reintroduces all the characters that I think will play a big role in the series. I'll eventually review my thoughts on the new characters. I like Sarada, Iwabe and Inojin the most. Boruto goes straight to his classroom and is tested by his teacher (who happens to be Shino) to measure his abilities. Boruto has proven to be truly skilled at ninjutsu and tai chi, but he is second only to a boy named Iwabe. Unfortunately, Iwabe has also been the leader of the team for a long time.

Soon we will meet Iwabe, a very angry and arrogant person. He is highly skilled in tai chi and ninjutsu, but is hampered by his inability to pass any of the other courses recently added to the academy. He immediately took a dislike to Boruto, believing that Boruto was only in the academy because of his father. It's hard for Boruto to fight to prove who is better.

Boruto accepts the challenge and the class arrives at the old camp, where Naruto fights Kiba in the third round of the Chuunin Exams. At the beginning of the fight, Iwabe said that he would not use the weapon he carried in battle. The war began and was fierce. The class soon realizes that Boruto has unique abilities.

During this battle, I noticed some similarities and significant differences between Naruto and Boruto. Boruto plays with confidence and rarely seems to make "stupid" mistakes. Sometimes Naruto seems distracted and wins by luck, making it even more fun to watch. Boruto, on the other hand, is fast both on his feet and in his mind. The only similarity was that he and Naruto shared the same heart, tenacity, and determination to never back down. He also has a scar on his shoulder that proves he's not his father.
We quickly get to the heart of Iwabe's problem; This means that he is angry with the new system and believes that he should have graduated a long time ago. If Naruto had to pass another class, he wouldn't be able to pass it. Naruto (and Iwabe) were not the best students. So I can understand his frustration, but Iwabe was a bit rude and would bully others to get his way, but it didn't work this time.

When Boruto tells Iwabe not to blame others for his mistakes, Iwabe gets angry and grabs his gun, even though he tells Boruto (and the class) that he won't use it. Just then, Inojin (Ino and Nishi's son) intervenes, using Super Beast Scroll Ninjutsu to break up the fight and take the weapon from Iwabe. He reminded Iwabe of the rules of participating in the game and called him "uncool". This was the final nail in the coffin for Iwabe and he admitted it. Boruto wins fair and square and makes a new friend, but most importantly proves his talent and ability in the classroom.

The next day, everyone returns to class, but there are still those who oppose Boruto. Boruto defends Denki without anyone intervening until Inoto intervenes again and warns them. It looks like Boruto has found a new friend, and Ino isn't the only one.
Here is the new generation of attractive girls. In the Naruto series, girls rarely get along. Sakura and Ino were more friends than friends, and Hinata had never met another girl before. This time there was an all-girl group, including Uchiha Saada, Akimichi Cho, and Sumire. Sarada is probably the most famous of the three in the series, as she is the daughter of Sasuke and Sakura. Sarada seems like the perfect combination of Sakura's intelligence and Sasuke's calmness. She said that she knew Boruto through family ties and was not interested in him, but while watching the match, Sarada was mostly worried about Boruto. ChoCho yelled at him and even said she loved Boruto.

ChoCho is a funny and unpredictable person. She is the daughter of Choji and Karui. I'm not sure how I feel about this because she seems smelly and a bit rude. He asks Denki for homework so he can copy it and blames Sarada and Sumire for liking Boruto. She, on the other hand, is a cute Choji girl, so I can see another side of her as well.

Sumi is a new person who looks cute and shy. She still reminds me of Hinata and even looks like Hinata with her long hair. Sumire is the voice of reason in the class and also seems to have a slight influence on Boruto.